High Isolation Nonreflective SPDT Switch
The model AS186-302 positive control, GaAs FET IC single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) nonreflective switch provides high isolation of 50 dB at 0.9 and 1.9 GHz. Housed in a miniature MSOP-8 exposed pad package, the AS186-302 is an ideal building block for base station applications where synthesizer isolation is critical. The switch also can be used in conjunction with the model AS165-59 single-pole, single-throw switch to meet GSM synthesizer isolation requirements. Price: $3.25 (10,000).
Alpha Industries, Woburn, MA (800) 290-7200.

Aluminum Nitride High Power Terminations
The model 32-7150 aluminum nitride high power terminations operate in the DC to 4 GHz frequency range with 60 W of power handling. Designed for applications where toxic beryllia ceramic substrates cannot be used, these nontoxic components are a good alternative solution. The units are available in sizes and configurations identical to standard BeO terminations. A flangeless PowerPak version also is available.
Florida RF Labs Inc., Stuart, FL (800) 544-5594 or (561) 286-9300.

Versatile Surface-mount Inductor
The model E66 miniature surface-mount inductor occupies 0.078-square-inch of circuit board space and can be wound as a common-mode choke, a high Q inductor or a pulse transformer. (Winding configurations can be either bifilar or separate.) The E66 provides 1.0 to 1000 mH of inductance with corresponding current ratings of 1000 to 150 mA. DCR range (max) is 0.01 to 3.50 W and operating temperature range is -20° to +105°C. Price: 65¢ (100,000). (Tape-and-reel is available through special order.) Delivery: stock to six weeks (ARO).
Associated Components Technology Inc., Garden Grove, CA (800) 234-2645.

Multiple Capacitor Array
The MultiValue Cap Array is a four capacitor array in a standard 0612 package that contains two caps of one value in the second and third positions and two caps of a second value in the first and fourth positions. The resulting symmetry enables greater ease in design and reduces board space by more than 50 percent. The individual values available within the array vary, but specific combinations include 100 pF/0.01µF (101/103) and 0.001 µF/0.1 µF (102/104). Ratios of up to 100 are possible in two capacitance values. Price: 22¢ (100,000). Delivery: stock to eight weeks (ARO).
AVX Corp., Myrtle Beach, SC (843) 946-0414.

6 - 15 GHz Double-balanced Mixer
The model HMC142C8 miniature, double-balanced mixer offers high dynamic range and third-order intercept of +20 dBm and is capable of handling larger signal levels than most active mixers. Best suited for point-to-point microwave radio and very small aperture terminal ground equipment applications where small size and surface-mount compatibility are critical, the mixer can also be used as an up- or downconverter. Its MMIC design provides good balance in the circuit, resulting in high LO/RF and LO/IF isolation of > 30 dB and unit-to-unit consistency. Conversion loss is 8.5 dB. Housed in a nonhermetic, ceramic surface-mount package, the mixer also is available in tape-and-reel packaging.
Hittite Microwave Corp., Chelmsford, MA (978) 250-3343.

WLL Notch Filter
The model WSN-00049 high performance wireless local loop (WLL) notch filter is configured with passbands of DC to 2300 MHz and 2320 to 2500 MHz. Rejection is 40 dB over 10 MHz, passband power handling is 100 W CW and passband return loss is 10 dB (min). Designed for WLL and FCC type acceptance testing applications, the notch filter exhibits passband insertion loss of 2.0 dB (max). Operating temperature range is 0° to +50°C and storage temperature range is -40° to +85°C. SMA female connectors are included at all ports. Size: 10.0" x 4.85" x 2.75", excluding connectors.
K&L Microwave Inc., Salisbury, MD (410) 749-2424.

6P7T Electromechanical Switches
The model KSW670E8B000 6P7T electromechanical switch for IMT2000 applications operates up to 14 GHz with power handling capability of up to 200 W at 1 GHz. This multipole, multithrow switch measures 2.44" x 2.17" x 2.18" and can be used in switch matrix and test equipment applications. For reducing system size, the company also offers the model KSW67058B000 slim-type 6P7T switch which measures 2.40" x 1.42" x 2.13".
KMW Inc., Cerritos, CA (562) 926-2033.

Thermal Fusible Resistors
The FTR series cement, wirewound thermal fusible resistors incorporate a thermal fuse within its cement bases, which are designed to open in 20 to 30 seconds when current overloads and/or high ambient temperatures are reached. The resistors save space on crowded PC boards since the units perform functions usually required by separate over-current and over-temperature fusing devices. Seven models are available ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 W. Price: 40¢ to 69¢ (1000). Delivery: two to four weeks (ARO).
Laube Technology, Camarillo, CA (888) 355-2823.

Switched Bit Step Attenuator
The model SAB-2DR/DT-A is an SP2T switched bit step attenuator that operates from 0.5 to 18 GHz (or from 10 MHz to 18 GHz). Insertion loss is 2.75 dB (typ), SWR is 1.9 and flatness is ±1.5 dB. Switching speed is < 40 ns. Supply voltages are +5 V, -12 V or -5 V at 50 mA. (Other voltages also are available.) The attenuators are available in step sizes of 3, 6, 10, 20, 30 and 40 dB or any combination. Weight: 0.75 oz. Size: 1.30" x 0.70" x 0.40".
American Microwave Corp., Frederick, MD (301) 662-4700.

Low Drop-out Regulator
The model MIC39100 low drop-out (LDO) regulator for 3.3-to-2.5 V conversion features a low drop-out voltage of 500 mV. Manufactured in the space-saving SOT-223 package, the MIC39100 features fast transient response, reverse battery, and current limit and thermal shutdown. Maximum input voltage is 16 V and drop-out voltage at full load is 410 mV. Operating temperature range is -40° to +85°C.
Micrel Semiconductor Inc., San Jose, CA (408) 944-0800.

Lowpass Filter
The model 3322-W/DD (50) lowpass filter for head-end applications passes all sub-band channels up to channel W (36). Insertion loss is < 3 dB at channel W and rejection is > 50 dB from channel DD (40) to 1000 MHz. The lowpass filter eliminates unwanted channels for reinsertion purposes on upper channels. Intended for indoor use, the unit includes 75 W F connectors. (Weatherized housing for outdoor use and other connector options also are available.) Size: 1.00" x 2.25" x 6.00".
Microwave Filter Company Inc. (MFC), East Syracuse, NY (800) 448-1666 or (315) 438-4747.

DC - 2.5 GHz High Isolation SPDT Switch
The model RSW-2-25P SPDT switch is capable of operating with positive switching voltage, thereby simplifying control signal generation. Midband isolation is 50 dB (typ), insertion loss is 1.0 dB (typ) and compression point at 1 dB is +27 dBm. Maximum RF input power is 1 W and control voltage is 0 to ±5 V. The switch is best suited for isolating transmitters and receivers. Price: $3.95 (10-49).
Mini-Circuits, Brooklyn, NY (718) 934-4500.

Waveguide Flanges
The Pyraflat high vacuum waveguide flange system utilizes stainless-steel knife edges to capture a copper gasket, providing a fully bakeable ultrahigh vacuum joint. Designed specifically for RF imaging, directed energy industrial processing and high energy accelerators for particle physics research, the Pyraflat also provides a zero clearance flange joint configuration that minimizes waveguide wall discontinuities due to the copper gasket. Standard and custom flange sizes also are available for waveguide applications in the 450 MHz to 2.5 GHz frequency range. Custom bonded stainless-steel-to-copper flange transitions also are available.
Thermionics Vacuum Products Inc., Port Townsend, WA (800) 962-2310.

Voltage-variable Attenuators
The models AT10-0009, AT10-0017, AT10-0019 and AT65-0008 voltage-variable attenuators (VVA) operate over the 800 to 1000 MHz, 1700 to 2000 MHz, 50 to 1000 MHz and 900 to 2250 MHz frequency bands, respectively. These PIN diode-based VVAs are particularly well suited for multichannel communication and high volume applications. Available in standard Joint Electron Device Engineering Council plastic surface-mount packages, the attenuators offer higher linear operating power and an increase of 15 to 20 dB of third-order input power over traditional GaAs VVAs.
M/A-COM, a subsidiary of Tyco International Ltd., Lowell, MA (800) 366-2266.

Voltage Passing Attenuators
The model 9093 voltage passing attenuators operate in the 500 MHz to 2 GHz frequency range with attenuation values of 10 dB and 20 dB. The units attenuate RF signals and pass DC voltage and current while offering 2 W of RF power. DC voltage is 100 V (max) and current is 1 A (min). Type N, SMA and TNC connectors are available.
Inmet Corp., Ann Arbor, MI (888) 244-6638.

High Power Transmit Filter
The model FF6434-1 high power transmit filter is designed specifically for transmit band filtering in land/mobile radio base stations. Insertion loss is < 0.65 dB, return loss is > 25 dB (max) and rejection is > 20 dB (min) at 823 and 900 MHz. Power handling is rated at 200 W CW and 900 W (pk). Type-N connectors are included, but alternate interfaces also are available. Size: 4.13" x 3.21" x 1.00", including the mounting flange.
Sage Laboratories Inc., Natick, MA (508) 653-0844.

Standard Combline Filters
The 315 series combline bandpass filters cover the 700 to 3500 MHz frequency range. The five-pole Chebyshev design features a minimum 1 dBc bandwidth of 1.5 percent at the center frequency. (Any center frequency can be specified from 700 to 3500 MHz.) Price: less than $400 (prototype quantities). Delivery: two weeks (ARO).
TTE Inc., Los Angeles, CA (800) 776-7614 or (310) 478-8224.

Wireless Isolator
The model CIC01A1723-01 wireless isolator for amplifier output stage protection operates over the 1700 to 2300 MHz frequency range. Insertion loss is 0.3 dB (max), isolation is 22 dB (min) and SWR is 1.15 (max). Input power is rated at 25 W and operating temperature range is 0° to +55°C. Delivery: stock.
Narda Microwave-West, a division of L-3 Communications, Folsom, CA (916) 351-4500.

Drop-in Isolator
The model 0380IED high temperature, broad bandwidth, drop-in isolator provides 20 dB of isolation with low insertion loss of 0.4 dB over the 3.4 to 4.2 GHz frequency bandwidth. (Isolators and circulators in other frequency bands also are available.) The circuit tabs are designed to offer high reliability during circuit assembly. SWR is 1.25. Operating temperature range is -20° to +85°C and storage temperature range is -50° to +125°C. Size: 0.75" x 0.75" x 0.25". Delivery: stock.
Nova Microwave, Morgan Hill, CA (408) 778-2746.

1805 - 1880 MHz Dual Isolator
The company’s dual isolator operates in the 1805 to 1880 MHz frequency band and is designed to provide low insertion loss at an affordable cost. Reverse power rating is up to 50 W and typical isolation is > 45 dB. (Similar stripline models are available up to 3 GHz.)
RADITEK, San Jose, CA (408) 266-7404.

Miniature Trimmer Capacitors
The model A1_12 miniature trimmer capacitors are offered in printed circuit board and surface-mount technology mountings. With 13 turns of adjustment and positive stops, the capacitors are best suited for tuning applications in amplifiers, filters and oscillators. Qs are> 1000 at 200 MHz and self-resonance is 1.2 GHz at 12 pF. High voltage and nonmagnetic versions also are available. Price: $4 (> 1000).
Voltronics Corp., Denville, NJ (973) 586-8585.

Mechanical Phase Shifters
The 980 series mechanical phase shifters offer frequency ranges from DC to 3, 7 and 12 GHz with different incremental phase shift adjustments. Optimized for wireless original equipment manufacturer applications, the shifters are well suited for phase trimming in densely packaged systems with minimum accessibility. A self-locking mechanism eliminates the need for locking nuts. SWR is 1.45 and input power is rated at 10 W. Operating temperature range is -50° to +85°C and storage temperature range is -50° to +125°C. Ruggedized SMA connectors also are included.
Weinschel Corp., Frederick, MD (800) 638-2048 or (301) 846-9222.

Attenuators and Terminations
These attenuators and terminations are manufactured with the company’s T2 copper technology, which reduces material leaching and provides increased connection reliability, thereby offering an affordable solution for requirements demanding increased temperature capabilities and greater tensile strength. Manufactured with a cost-effective direct bond connection, the attenuators and terminations have greater tensile strength, greater connection reliability and increased resistance to lead peeling than conventional soldered connections. The company’s proprietary manufacturing process bonds copper thick-film conductors to thick film at 900°C, eliminating the possibility of lead movement during installation.
Bird Component Products (BCP), Largo, FL (727) 547-8826.

Dual-junction Drop-in Isolator
The model 2E4NR dual-junction drop-in isolator features high isolation and lower loss characteristics than two single-junction devices in series. Designed specifically for wireless base station applications, the isolator conserves space in circuit design and operates in the 0.80 to 0.96 GHz and 1.80 to 2.70 GHz frequency ranges. Standard loads handle 60 W forward and 60 W reverse. Options for termination type and location, power handling, mounting holes, broader temperature ranges and circulation direction are available upon request.
Renaissance Electronics Corp., Boxborough, MA (978) 263-4994.

Three-way Power Splitter
The model D3-14FN three-way power splitter operates in the 800 to 2200 MHz frequency range and evenly splits high power signals with minimum reflections, passive intermodulation or insertion loss up to 500 W average power. Its mechanical shape allows simple attachment to a pole or wall using the bracket provided, and the hex-style N connectors allow consistent tightening to a specified torque. Designed specifically for mini, micro and high power base stations, and Leaky-Line applications, the reactive power splitters are more ruggedly constructed than conventional power splitters with no resistors to burn out, fewer solder joints for enhanced reliability and less power back to the transmitter.
Microlab/FXR, Livingston, NJ (973) 992-7700.

Switch Filter Bank
The model SFB-200-4P microminiature switch filter bank operates from 50 MHz to 3 GHz while offering 60 dB of isolation per channel. Insertion loss is -2.5 dB and SWR is 1.5 (typ). The switch operates from a single +5 V DC at 200 mA with TTL control logic. (Other logic is available.) Size: 2.50" x 2.50" x 0.50", including removable SMA connectors. (Other frequencies and options are available.)
Planar Filter Co., Frederick, MD (301) 662-7024.

High Dynamic Range SWR Detector
The model P-2000 SWR detector has 50 dB of forward power dynamic range and 20 dB of return loss range. The P-2000, in conjunction with a high directivity directional coupler, is intended for use as an antenna monitor in mobile phone base stations or other transmitters where large variations in output power occur. The unit has a wide bandwidth from 25 MHz to 2 GHz, making the device well suited for spread spectrum applications, and operates on a single +12 V supply. Output voltage is proportional with the measured return loss in decibels. Custom options for digitizing monitor signals are available.
Polar Lab, Rodovre, Denmark +45 3672 7245.

Waveguide Ceramic Block Filters
These high dielectric constant, high power and high Q ceramic block waveguide filters are extremely temperature stable and compact in size. Designed specifically for AMPS and PCS diplexer, trunking/repeater, and GSM applications, the filters are available in surface-mountable form or with SMA interface. The filters can be custom designed to customer’s specifications.
Solarr/Polar LLC, Albuquerque, NM (505) 792-3878.

RF Coaxial Connector Adapters
These custom fabricated RF coaxial connector adapters can solve a variety of interface problems, including between series or in-series gender changing, converting standard connectors into quick-disconnect types and compatibility between large to small series connectors and incompatible plugs, jacks and receptacles. Manufactured to customer specifications, these adapters include LC to N, LC to QDS, QDM to N, QDM to BNC and many other combinations. Materials, back-end plating, insulators and gaskets can be specified, and standard tooling exists for more than 100 different types of connectors with interfaces per MIL-C-39012 an MIL-STD-348.
Tru-Connector Corp., Peabody, MA (800) 262-9878.

Electromagnetic Interference Shield
The BOLDT SHIELD II™ standard off-the-shelf electromagnetic interference (EMI) shield features a unique design that provides easy access to inspect or repair electronic components without having to de-solder the SMT shield. The BOLDT SHIELD II combines high shielding performance, SMT reliability and newly added flexibility for prototype adjustment, allowing fast time to market, and lightweight shields and contacts at a low installation cost. Packaged in standard EIA410 tape-and-reel or automated board level installation, the unit is available in JEDEC sizes, including 52-pin quad flat pack, 256 position ball grid array and 84-pin plastic leadless chip carrier packages.
Boldt Metronics, a unit of BMI Inc., Palatine, IL (847) 934-4700.

Ceramic Bandpass Filters
The 301-1X series ceramic bandpass filters include the model 301-10010 for receive and the model 301-10011 for transmit and operate at center frequencies of 836.5 and 881.5 MHz, respectively. Primarily used in CDMA transmitters and receivers for base station applications, the four-pole, surface-mount filters offer low insertion loss of -3.0 with a bandwidth of ±15 MHz and SWR of 1.7 (max). The filters’ small size provides a low profile for efficient assembly integration. Tape-and-reel packaging is available.
Trak Communications Inc., Advanced Filter Solutions, Frederick, MD (813) 884-1411.

Compact RF Transceiver Module
The model TR-XXX-SC transceiver module utilizes an advanced synthesized superheterodyne architecture and features a direct interface for analog and digital information, fully qualified UART compatible data output, received signal strength indication, low power consumption, wide operational voltage, on-board transmit and receive switching, and surface acoustic wave front-end filtering. The transceiver offers fast settling and turnaround times and can accommodate data rates up to 33.6 kbps, making the transceiver well suited for a range of bi-directional communication requirements. Housed in a compact, through-hole package, the transceiver requires no tuning or external RF components, allowing for straightforward integration. Price: $29.70 (1000).
Linx Technologies, Grants Pass, OR (541) 471-6256.

Magnetically Shielded Inductors
The DS1608BL series tiny shielded inductors feature high breakdown voltage and good efficiency with 10 to 60 percent lower DC resistance than existing inductors. Designed specifically for demanding backlighting applications, these magnetically shielded inductors are heat resistant to ensure troublefree assembly and reflow soldering. Seven inductance values ranging from 1 to 10 mH are available. Custom inductors also are available. Price: 65¢ (10,000). Delivery: stock.
Coilcraft, Cary, IL (847) 639-6400.