Universal Switching Corporation (uswi.com), a leading manufacturer of signal switching and distribution products, has announced an enhancement to its field proven rugged DC-800MHz Series 7000 relay module product line. The Series E7000 "SMART" Relay Modules offer a simple and efficient way to power and control the relay. This is because a new 10/100 Ethernet port is integrated directly on the module which also includes PoE capability (Power Over Ethernet).

Company engineers stated "This new capability allows a relay to be situated anywhere as long as it can be plugged into a network connection. Once it is connected to a network with PoE capacity, the relay can be controlled via a standard web browser, and virtually from anywhere via the Internet".

The relays are offered with a large number of options including signal connector types (BNC, SMA, TNC, Triax), the number of ports (1x2 to 1x24), switch functions (normally open or self-terminating type), plus many other options.

The Series E7000 SMART Relay Module family is a rugged design perfectly suited for many uses, and for use in many markets (test and measurement, communications and mobile vans).

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