2600 - 2750 MHz VCO
The model PV-2600 VCO for wireless local area networks and radios operates over the 2600 to 2750 MHz frequency range with a tuning voltage of 0.5 to 5 V. The device has a supply voltage of 5 V and draws 25 mA. Phase noise is -103 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset. Operating temperature range is -30° to +85°C. Size: 0.500" x 0.500" x 0.205".
Princeton Electronic Systems Inc. (PES),
Princeton, NJ
(609) 275-6500.

Synthesized Digital Paging Systems
The PagePro series synthesized digital paging transmitters with built-in POCSAG paging encoder are fully synthesized and can be field programmed in 10 or 12.5 kHz increments via a built-in RS 232 port. The systems can generate numeric, alphanumeric and tone pages and are designed to handle the demands of wide area paging as well as in-house and local area paging. Output power is adjustable with nominal output of 5 W (max) in the 136 to 174 MHz range and 2 W in the 218 to 230 MHz range. Several models are available covering the 134-174, 218-230 and 260-280 MHz frequency ranges.
RF Neulink, a division of RF Industries,
San Diego, CA
(800) 233-1728 or (858) 549-6340.

Low Cost VCO
The model V607TEO1 VCO features low noise characteristics, minimal power requirements and a compact size. This VCO generates frequencies between 1279 and 1313 MHz with a tuning voltage between 0.4 and 2.8 DC, making it ideal for quick integration into any PLL where the error voltage can be taken directly from the IC's charge pump circuitry. Developed for the satellite hand-held phone market, the VCO provides output power of -3.5 dBm +/-2.5, phase noise of -99 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset, supply voltage of 3 V DC and supply current of 6 mA. Size: 0.375" x 0.375"x 0.124". Price: $15.95 (5). Delivery: stock to six weeks.
Z-Communications Inc.,
San Diego, CA
(858) 621-2700.

Clock Oscillators
The VCA3-100 and -200 series tight stability clock oscillators are capable of 20 ppm stability, including initial stability, frequency over operating temperature, power variation and aging. Supply voltage is 5.0 V DC at +/-10 percent or 3.3 V DC at +/-10 percent, and the devices operate over the temperature range of 0° to +70°C or -40° to +85°C. Packaged in an industry-standard 14-pin DIP, the clock oscillators are most suitable for use in telecommunication and networking applications.
VITE, a Vectron International company,
Norwalk, CT
(888) 835-8483.