Irradiated Polyolefin Microwave Substrates
POLYGUIDE™ clad laminates and dielectrics, made from irradiated polyolefin, feature a dielectric constant of 2.32, dissipation factor of .0005 at 10 GHz, peel strength of 8 lb/in and water absorption of < 0.01 percent. Operating temperature range is -55° to +85°C. The substrates are recommended for microwave and UHF applications where optimum low loss operation is a primary requirement, and provide a combination of electrical, physical and chemical characteristics most suitable for microstrip, coplanar waveguide and other demanding uses. Manufactured under the strictest production and quality control conditions, thickness variation for each sheet of the material is held within +/- 0.002".
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Urethane Foam
PORON® urethane foam is specifically directed to gasket materials that are used to seal or protect electrical enclosures (UL-50) and industrial control equipment (UL-508). The gasket materials withstand rigorous mechanical testing, including age acceleration and oil immersion, and the urethane foam offers low fogging, low outgassing, high resistance to compression set, resistance to ozone, UV light and other environmental stressors and chemicals. PORON materials are available in a firmness and thickness for nearly any high performance application.
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