50 W Broadband Power Amplifier
This high performance 50 W RF power amplifier covers a broad frequency range from 500 to 1000 MHz. The amplifier is available as a 28 V DC module and features a gain of 30 dB (typ). The unit is also available as a full AC system with automatic current limiting, forced-air cooling, current meter, and overcurrent and thermal protection. Size: 6.0" x 3.5" x 1.4". Weight: less than 1.5 lbs.
LCF Enterprises,
Camarillo, CA
(805) 388-8454.

8 W Three-carrier CDMA Power Amplifier
The model HPA8689-8-2K power amplifier covers the entire cellular transmit band of 869 to 894 MHz with an average total power level of 8 W with three CDMA carriers. Designed for single-channel repeaters, microcells and tower-top applications or CDMA 2000 requirements, the amplifier operates over a DC input range of 25 to 30 V DC and a baseplate temperature range of 0° to 65°C. A TTL output is provided for major fault status, and circulator protection is provided for transmission into any load mismatch. Size: 9.55" x 11.60" x 1.12".
MPD Technologies Inc.,
Hauppauge, NY
(516) 231-1400, ext. 452.

RF Amplifier
The model 1000W1000A amplifier for noninvasive physiologic electron paramagnetic resonance imaging offers 1000 W minimum power from 80 to 1000 MHz, ns rise time and Class A operation. Continuous watts means any pulse width or duty cycle (up to 100 percent) is achievable.
Amplifier Research,
Souderton, PA
(800) 933-8181 or (215) 723-8181.

0.2 - 0.45 GHz GaAs HBT MMIC SDLA
The model MSD0204LA-1 miniature low power GaAs HBT successive detection logarithmic amplifier (SDLA) operates over a 0.2 to 0.45 GHz frequency range and has a high sensitivity of –70 dBm, low power consumption of 0.625 W and SWR of 1.7 (typ). Applications include channelized receivers for electronic warfare, radar IF strips, communications receivers and direction-finding systems. The temperature-compensated unit has a video bandwidth of 16 MHz and linearity of +/-0.75 dB.
Tracor Aerospace Electronic Systems,
Lansdale, PA
(215) 996-2222.

Linear Power Amplifiers
The models CHA5092 and CHA5093 linear power amplifiers are manufactured with a pHEMT process and have a gate length of 0.25 mm. The CHA5092 two-stage power amplifier delivers an output power of 25 dBm at the 1 dB compression point and gain of 15 dB in the 22 to 26 GHz frequency range. The CHA5093 three-stage power amplifier delivers an output power of 28 dBm at the 1 dB compression point and gain of 20 dB in the 24 to 26 GHz frequency range. Both chips are available as compact MMICs with easy-to-use power supply and matching conditions.
United Monolithic Semiconductors SAS,
Orsay, France
+(33) 1-69-33-03-08.