RFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for two “small cell” power amplifiers from TriQuint. The TQP2451 and TQP2453 support 1900 MHz and 1800 MHz transmitter designs respectively. With average power output of 2.5 W, both devices include 3 gain stages, the final stage being a Doherty design for high peak power performance up to 20 W. The TQP2451 covers 1930 to1995 MHz with power added efficiency of 38 percent and <-50 ACLR. The TQP2453 offers 35 percent PAE over 1805 to1885 MHz.  Both the TQP2451 and TQP2453 utilize 18 V and 5 V Vcc. Both devices are offered in a 20 x 20 mm package for 3G/4G wireless infrastructure, linearized transmitters, MIMO and heterogeneous networks applicable to small cells.