MWJ: You bring a wealth of founder/CEO experience from several high-tech companies, what experiences do you feel will benefit SAGE the most?

YS: I’m fortunate to say that my career has always been entrenched in millimeterwave technology since I graduated from college over thirty years ago. The early years of my career were spent in academia, and my first IEEE MTT Transition paper was published in 1985. This period of time provided a solid theoretical foundation that still influences my approach to research and development. My later professional experience helped me to better understand the product development and business aspects of our industry. Prior to founding SAGE Millimeter, I focused on engineering and management in both large aerospace and small technology companies. The large companies’ cutting edge technologies, design and manufacturing processes and corporate working environments enriched my technical and management leadership skills. The small companies’ aggressive product development timeframes and comprehensive business demands prepared me for entrepreneurship. The added experience of founding and leading my previous company, WiseWave Technologies, helped give SAGE Millimeter, Inc. a strong start. What I learned at WiseWave will continue to benefit SAGE Millimeter’s further development.

MWJ: SAGE is a relatively new company since it was launched in 2011, how was the company formed?

YS: SAGE Millimeter is a self-founded and private held company. The founders have many years of direct experience in the millimeterwave components and sub-assembly industry. The founders would like to continue the tradition of their previous company to develop and produce the highest quality products to serve the industry.

MWJ: Since starting SAGE, what primary goals have you established for growth and what progress has been made toward achieving them?

YS: SAGE Millimeter’s primary goal is to organize a strong team that is equipped to design and manufacture the highest performing and most cost effective products to service the commercial and military industries. SAGE Millimeter has delivered more than 10,000 units since its inception in 2011. More than 80% of delivered products are installed in the field and are currently working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, rain or shine. We believe that we have again established a competent team that is vertically integrated in terms of sales/marketing, engineering, and manufacturing capability. Our people make us confident that we are ready to take on large developmental programs and contracts.

MWJ: What do you see as the major growth markets/opportunities for SAGE in the near term?

YS: I can see that millimeterwave technologies have finally reached the stage of maturity. I believe that millimeterwave technologies are finding increasing opportunities in its traditional military and aerospace system applications and explosiveopportunities in commercial applications. Elaborating on the latter, some examples include last mile communication, broadband internet connection, passive imaging, automotive ACC radar, traffic control and management, small satellite, and test and measurement equipment. SAGE Millimeter is prepared to grow and benefit from such opportunities by applying its extensive knowledge of these products and technologies.

MWJ: SAGE focuses on millimeter wave products which traditionally have been niche markets, how has that changed in the last few years as new applications are opening up in these higher frequencies?

YS: As I have already mentioned, the market is and will be changing in the coming years due to the maturing of the technology. The millimeterwave market does not have to be niche anymore as long as industry participants keep an eye on cost and affordability. Millimeterwave requires more consistent material properties, more rigorous manufacturing processes, and higher machining accuracy. All of these things imply higher manufacturing costs, which can be deterring. I believe that a key to continuously expanding the market and pushing forward new applications is the affordability of the technology and products since current millimeterwave technology and products are still relatively expensive.

MWJ: SAGE designs and produces a range of millimeter wave products, what types of new product introductions can we expect this year?

YS: SAGE Millimeter will be continuously improving and perfecting its component-level products. Because components are building blocks for sub-assemblies, modules, and systems, SAGE Millimeter would like to take a step forward by offering standard sub-assemblies and modules. In the meantime, we will continue to seek custom-specified opportunities with volume production potential.

MWJ :What type of sales channels does SAGE utilize as a global supplier for high frequency products?

YS: SAGE Millimeter sells its products globally through direct sales from our headquarters in Torrance, California (USA). We also engage the help of domestic and international independent sales representatives and distributors. Our website, social media, advertisements, new product releases and trade show participation also help to educate the industry about our products and solutions.

MWJ: What geographic areas offer the best growth opportunities for SAGE and why?

YS: North America, Europe, and Asia are certainly the best growth territories for us. These regions are the best growth opportunities for us because of their large populations and the strong technology-focused leadership of the countries in these areas.

MWJ: What are your major long term goals and where do you see the company heading in the future?

YS: SAGE Millimeter is a technology company that not only engineers and manufactures products but also offers solutions. We will be continuously working with our customers to develop their system products by utilizing SAGE Millimeter’s most cost effective, highest performing, and best quality products and services. In addition, SAGE Millimeter is looking forward and also focusing on developing a next-generation core engineering and management team. We believe that SAGE Millimeter’s long term success is inseparable from the success of our customers and of our employees.