Recent Developments in Continuous Mode RF PA Design


Dr. Steve C. Cripps, Professor, Cardiff University


In this keynote talk from EuMW 2013 MicroApps, Dr. Steve Cripps will take the well publicised continuous mode power amplifier (PA) theory into some new territory. He is introducing a novel and powerful new design methodology based on “clipping contours.” The clipping contours methodology allows the designer to design broader bandwidth PA matching networks in such a manner as to avoid voltage clipping. This leads to very linear, optimally efficient designs. 


This keynote video recording is split into 4 segments. Duration of the full keynote recording is 45 minutes.


Video 1: Introduction and history

Video 2: Extended continuous mode analysis and push-pull modes

Video 3: Clipping contours methodology

Video 4: Conclusions and frequently asked questions


The EuMW 2013 MicroApps sponsors were: AWR, Horizon House and Rohde & Schwarz.