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Planar 808/1 is a four-port VNA that operates with an external PC, opening a new range of possibilities for users who need highly accurate multiport instrumentation for lab, production or field use. At 19 pounds, Planar 808/1 is a more mobile and transportable solution than a traditional benchtop unit. This lab-quality VNA has an extensive feature set, multiple data saving options, and is fully programmable for incorporation in automated applications.

Extensive Feature Set

Planar 808/1 characterizes S-parameters in a wide variety of presentation formats. In addition to the traditional frequency domain measurements of S-parameters, it has time domain with gating, embedding and de-embedding, and frequency offset mode for mixer/converter testing.

As a four-port VNA, the Planar 808/1 can be used to measure balanced or differential networks. The Planar 808/1 fixture simulation feature supports testing DUTs with single ended inputs and balanced outputs, balanced inputs and single ended output, and balanced inputs and outputs. Multiport analyzers are also well-suited for testing multiport DUTs such as combiners and duplexers, reducing or eliminating reconnection steps from the testing process. Unlike other four-port VNAs, the Planar 808/1 incorporates two independent generators, providing greater flexibility for advanced test scenarios.

The Planar 808/1 is fully compatible with the ACM8000T automatic calibration module, enabling full four-port calibration with as few as four connection and four disconnection steps. Automatic calibration is particularly time-saving in production environments or other scenarios where frequent recalibration is required. Or, the Planar 808/1 can be calibrated with any commercially available 50 Ω mechanical calibration kit.


Planar 808/1 can fit into applications needing automation – it is fully programmable by SCPI commands from any programming environment supporting COM/DCOM – including C++ , Visual Basic and LabVIEW. Automation enables remote instrument control and automatic exchange of data among components in an integrated ATE station.

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