Remcom, provider of electromagnetic simulation software and solutions, announces that it will feature a new high-fidelity, accelerated capability for simulating moving radios as well as recent research into the impact that wind turbines and wind farms have on radar returns at the MILCOM conference, November 19-21, 2013.

With the advent of new communication technologies and advances in military radios, it is increasingly important to be able to simulate details of multipath between radios on moving platforms.  Remcom has developed a capability that allows moving radios to be simulated in high fidelity, including urban multipath, using a new technique called Adjacent Path Generation (APG).  Using this innovation, Remcom’s models utilize information from neighboring locations to rapidly generate updated results while retaining detailed physics information on the propagation paths.  This reduces the number of required simulations by multiple orders of magnitude, making previously intractable problems possible.  While not yet a commercial software offering, Remcom can work with prospective customers to develop custom solutions using this capability.

Also critical to the military community are the adverse effects that wind farms can have on the ability of radars to detect aircraft, preventing detection and generating false targets.  This problem is impacting the U.S. government, airport safety, weather radar, and the wind energy industry, causing many wind farms to be canceled or placed on hold due to concerns with impacts to military and Air Traffic Control radars.  Remcom has worked on a number of research and development efforts to investigate the impacts of wind turbines on radar returns and will feature results from some of this work at MILCOM.

In addition to these topics, Remcom will highlight several new product features that are especially beneficial to the military communications audience:

Wireless InSite® Wireless EM Propagation Software:

  • Parameter Uncertainty using Monte Carlo
  • Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) outputs based on IEEE Standard C95.1-2005 safety thresholds
  • Modified COST Building Penetration Model
  • Culvert and tunnel geometry editor

XGtd® High Frequency EM Software for Antenna Radiation and Radar Scattering:

  • MEC/PO Hybrid Model for predicting Radar Cross Section (RCS)
  • Far zone output types for RCS and antenna radiation
  • Ray path visualization to far zone locations
  • Curved surface visualization in the user interface

XFdtd® EM Simulation Software for FDTD-based Modeling and Simulation:

  • MPI + XStream GPU Acceleration for clustering high-performance graphical processing units (GPUs) in separate computers
  • Unlimited Memory Support for simulation of massive problems exceeding billions of cells

Please visit Remcom’s MILCOM web page for additional details and to browse whitepapers, presentations, and other resources that will be featured in Remcom’s booth.