Signal Antenna Systems' (SAS) SA LP700-1 log periodic can be used for transmit/rcv, and covers 0.7-2.7 GHz. It comes with a positioning handle, which allows the user to manually aim the antenna and vary the polarization. It is designed for field use/surveillance , and covers all cellular bands .

SAS is a small dynamic organization dedicated to the DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, and PRODUCTION of State of the Art Antennas and related Systems for MILITARY and COMMERCIAL applications in the frequency range 0.01-13 GHz.

SAS provides design services as well as products, all supported by outdoor and indoor (ANECHOIC CHAMBER) test facilities. Measurement capabilities include radiation patterns, gain, VSWR, power handling, field strength, and static loading.

SAS offers a very experienced design capability in the area of WIRELESS SYSTEMS including 802.11, CELLULAR, RFID, and other WIRELESS applications.