FIRST RF Corp. announced that it has been awarded 12 Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase I contracts from the DoD 13.1 competition. The company earned ten Air Force and two Navy SBIR phase 1 projects:

  • N131-007: High Gain Common Data Link (CDL) Antennas for Networking UAV Nodes

  • N131-009: Low Size Weight and Power (SWaP) wideband Digital Receiver Exciters (DREX) technologies for Radar and Communication Systems

  • AF131-001: Conformal Antenna Technology for Improved Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)

  • AF131-036: Militarized Airborne Very Low Frequency (VLF) Receive Antenna

  • AF131-041: Low-power-cost-weight, rapidly-Installable, Medium-Range Interplane Communications Capability (LIMRICC)

  • AF131-044: Dual-band low-profile antennas for intra-flight communication and data links

  • AF131-045: Ground Based Sensor for measurement of V and W band satellite link propagation channel

  • AF131-046: V/W Band Airborne Receive Antenna

  • AF131-079: Ka-band Satellite Phased Array Antenna

  • AF131-136: Manpack antenna for Advanced MIL SATCOM

  • AF131-145: Light Weight High Gain High Data Rate Launch Vehicle Antenna

  • AF131-149: GNSS Antenna Arrays for Situational Awareness

These 12 awards bring the company’s total SBIR wins to 77 Phase Is, 44 Phase IIs, several Phase 2.5, and numerous Phase IIIs since 2003. The company has also been awarded three Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) programs in the last year intended to quickly transition innovative products to the marketplace.

FIRST RF has a 100% commercialization index within the SBIR program representing its ability to successfully commercialize technologies. Boone comments, “Twelve wins in a single SBIR round is certainly a record at FIRST RF and possibly a record in the history of the SBIR program under a single focus area. We are fortunate to have the world class talent and organizational ability to win twelve awards in a single SBIR solicitation round. This round of proposals clearly demonstrated the growing breadth and depth of our organization. Our five business areas are each focused and responsible for developing RF technology and products across a spectrum of markets and customer driven needs. Our size and ability to develop and deliver affordable solutions rapidly, in months not years, also contributes to our success in commercializing technologies.”

FIRST RF Corp. recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary.