RO4700JXRseriesRogers Corp. Advanced Circuit Materials Division recently introduced improved high frequency materials to address several market needs. The improved RO4700JXR™ Series antenna grade laminates were designed for use in base station, RFID and other antenna designs and combine low-loss dielectric with low-profile copper foil for reduced passive intermodulation (PIM) and low insertion loss.

The specially formulated RO4700JXR thermoset resin system incorporates a hollow microsphere filler resulting in a light weight, low density laminate, which is approximately 30% lighter weight than woven-glass PTFE materials. In addition, RO4725JXR™ (2.55Dk) & RO4730JXR™ (3.0 DK) laminates provide a lower cost solution for high frequency circuit boards used in base station and other antennas.

RO4700JXR laminates feature a low Z-axis coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE of <30 PPM/ºC) for design flexibility. With a TCDk <40 PPM/ºC, the laminates provide consistent circuit performance regardless of short term temperature variations. They feature the same high glass transition temperature (Tg) as Rogers’ other high-performance RO4000® laminates, greater than 280ºC, making them lead-free and automated assembly compatible.

RO4700JXR series RoHS-compliant laminates are compatible with standard PCB fabrication techniques and plated-through-hole (PTH) processing. Designed for base station and other RFID antennas, the proprietary, halogen-free laminates support longer drill tool lifetimes than other filled materials, reducing fabrication costs.