Remcom, provider of electromagnetic simulation software and solutions, announces two public training courses in Nashua, New Hampshire and San Diego, California. Both courses will include two-day product tracks for XFdtd® and Wireless InSite®, as well as a personal workshop option for those that want to work with Remcom’s engineers one-on-one.

Nashua Product Tracks and Dates 
XFdtd Track: September 16-17 
Personal Workshops: by appointment only on September 18 
Wireless InSite Track: September 19-20

San Diego Product Tracks and Dates 
XFdtd Track: November 4-5 
Personal Workshops: by appointment only on November 6 
Wireless InSite Track: November 7-8

The training is complimentary for those with current Remcom Professional Support (RPS) contracts.

The personal workshop appointments offer attendees an opportunity to receive in-depth training on the topics of their choice. They are especially beneficial for those attendees that will be staying for the duration of the week to attend both product tracks. Attendees can send their project files to Remcom in advance of these appointments, enabling training staff to prepare simulation data and tailor the materials for each customer’s specific needs.

Remcom training enables new users to get up and running with the software quickly and easily and experienced users to exploit the software more productively. Focus areas include: 

  • Most efficient ways to use the software
  • Coverage of new features and how they benefit workflow
  • Example problems and hands-on practice
  • Personalized consultations with Remcom engineers

Additional information and registration forms can be found on Remcom’s website via the Training page.

About Remcom: Remcom provides innovative electromagnetic simulation software and consulting services. XFdtd, the company’s full wave 3D EM solver, simplifies the analysis of complex EM problems and leads the market in FDTD-based modeling and simulation. Remcom’s products are used for antenna design, bio-EM effects, MRI, microwave circuits, RFID, military and defense applications, EMC/EMI, and more. Remcom is committed to its customers’ unique needs, offering flexible licensing options for installations of all sizes as well as custom engineered solutions.