Microwave Journal gives every reader the option of receiving either the print or digital edition.  Currently, about 70% choose the print version over digital.  There is a trend toward digital, but it is a slow shift at this point.  This may change as tablets become more pervasive and people get used to consuming digital content, but print is still preferred today by the majority of our readers.

Because Microwave Journal’s content is delivered in print, digital and mobile versions, print ads in Microwave Journal are actually placed in all formats (a print ad is actually a print/digital ad in Microwave Journal).  It is seen in the print magazine, in the online digital version (delivered via email and linked on the web site) and in the mobile version available on tablets and phones via our mobile app.  The Microwave Journal Magazine mobile app is available on iTunes for Apple devices, Google Play for Android users and Amazon for the Kindle and includes full page views with print ads along with a mobile friendly scrolling view.

Microwave Journal continues to deliver content in a variety of formats for the convenience of our readers while still preserving the advertiser’s ROI by including ads in all formats (even though it is called a print ad).  In fact, the value of the print ad is increasing relative to the older version (before digital editions) as there are various enhancements to the digital versions.  URLs placed in a print ad are automatically made into active hyperlinks in the digital versions and companies have the ability to add additional rich media content to the ad.  Digital versions can add video demos, animations, links to datasheets, likes on social media sites, etc., to further enhance them in the digital domain.  

Looking into the future, Augmented Reality apps will enable print pages to connect directly to the digital world to enhance the reader’s experience.  Digital watermarking or image recognition embedded into the pages enable apps to connect the reader to online content such as videos, brochures, data sheets or even 3D animations.  The Augmented Reality apps will display the digital information as a layer on top of the print page giving a more immersive experience as the content is viewed as coming right out of the page.  This is the next evolution of QR codes which will probably be replaced by this new technology in the future.

Microwave Journal tries to stay on the cutting edge of technology to bring readers the best experience and content in the industry.  We can now deliver digitally enhanced content to the digital edition ads in addition to Augmented Reality experiences to the print edition.  Contact us for more information.