Cavity Bandpass Filter: Wifi4S2440-7

wifi4s2440-7The Wifi4S2440-7 cavity bandpass filter has a center frequency of 2440 MHz and is designed for indoor or outdoor use in Wi-Fi hot spots. It has a bandwidth of 2425 to 2455 MHz, insertion loss of less than 2 dB, ripple of less than 2 dB, and return loss greater than 15 dB. Rejection at 2390 and 2490 MHz is at least -45 dB and power handling is 50 W. It has Type-N female connectors and measures 2.2 x 2.2 x 1 in.

Product Specifications:

Parameter   and  Value

Center Frequency     .....2440 MHz

Bandwidth     .....30 MHz

Passband     .....2425-2455 MHz

Passband Ripple     .....<0.25 dB

Insertion Loss at Center Frequency     .....<2 dB

Impedance     .....50 ohms

Rejection     .....>45 dB @ 2390 MHz

Return Loss in Passband     .....>15 dB

Rejection 2     .....>45dB @ 2490 MHz

Power Handling     .....50 W

Dimensions     .....2.2 x 2.2 x 1.06 in.  

Connector Type     .....N-Type (F)


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