Arlon Inc. announced the availability of the CLTE-XT microwave laminate. CLTE-XT represents the eXtended Technology of the existing CLTE product line and offers insertion loss (S21) and loss tangent (0.0012 at 10 GHz). CLTE-XT is a micro dispersed ceramic PTFE composite utilizing a woven fiberglass reinforcement to provide the highest degree of dimensional stability, critical in multi-layer designs. CLTE-XT has the ability to utilize thin (for example, 0.005” and 0.010”) substrates or it can be combined with thin film resistor-conductor materials such as Ohmega-Ply® and TCR® foils utilized for embedded resistors in applications that require a high degree of resistor consistency.

During development, Arlon focused not only reducing loss tangent, but also in reducing conductive losses. As a result, CLTE-XT insertion loss is clearly “Best-In-Class”. CLTE-XT has very low CTExyz and low TCEr (dielectric constant stability across temperature) for applications that require electrical phase stability, dielectric constant stability and mechanical stability well over a -55 to 150°C operating temperature. The X-Y axis thermal expansion closely matches ceramic chip carriers and the Z-axis thermal expansion closely matches copper for ultimate thermal cycling reliability.

CLTE-XT continues the competitive advantages of CLTE (dimensional stability, low absorption of moisture and processing chemicals, ease of processability, registration consistency). The higher thermal conductivity of CLTE-XT improves heat transfer relative to alternative materials and enables better power handling.

Applications include avionics, military and space electronics that require a higher degree of performance such as phase sensitive arrays, radar manifolds, RF/microwave communications, CNI (Communication Navigation and Identification), EW and SIGINT applications. CLTE-XT would also have value for sensitive filter applications.