Better, Faster Modular Switch Matrices

Switch matrices are essential in applications required for test and distribution of multiple RF signals. Rather than using a single coaxial switch to do the job by connecting and disconnecting cables from a switch, a matrix allows you to have fixed connections of multiple paths to a system and use software to connect and disconnect RF paths. It not only saves time but is also a more cost effective approach for high density switching requirements.

Dow-Key Microwave offers switch matrices with flexible and efficient architecture allowing for combining multiple switch configurations in a single box, in addition to, offering trouble-free maintenance for field upgrades and repairs due to modularity. This product line offers COTS switch solutions with a fast switching time of 50 ms maximum. Starting with the most basic model, the MS-series is populated with individual coaxial switches with a wide selection of SP2T through SP12T switches mounted either onto the rear panel or inside a chassis, and can be combined to meet any type of switching needs. For a multiplexing requirement, where one input is routed to multiple outputs, Dow-Key’s MP-series is best suitable; ranging from 1×13 up to 1×143. For a more advanced switching requirement, where any input needs to be switched to any output, Dow-Key’s crossbar CB-series is the perfect solution with configurations starting at 2×2 in 2U-chassis up to 12312 outfitted in 3U-chassis.

All solutions are bi-directional and can be selected with terminated ports. Switches are available with frequencies of DC to 18 GHz, and with DC to 26.5 GHz and DC to 40 GHz for some configurations. In terms of software, matrices can be manually controlled from the front panel via a LCD/keypad for 1U solutions or via a touch screen LCD with GUI for 2U-4U designs. Remotely, all systems are equipped with RS-232 and USB controls, with a choice between GPIB and Ethernet with built-in website.

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