At this year’s IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS2013) held June 2-7 in Seattle, Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) will be highlighting high-performance RF ICs and industry-leading data converters that cover the entire system chain from Antenna to Bits—DC to GHz—and back. At IMS2013, ADI (Booth # 2411) will spotlight complete system solutions and demos of new offerings, including new RF amplifiers and integrated RF ICs. Using aunique combination of design skills, systems understanding and process technologies, Analog Devices RF ICs and world-leading data converters cover the entire signal chain and include industry-leading high-performance discrete RF function blocks as well as highly-integrated multi-functional single-chip RF solutions. ADI will demo the ADF4159 13 GHz PLL, the AD9129 RF D/A converter, and RF amplifiersthat offer wide dynamic range with very low noise figures with very high OIP3 specifications simultaneously. These products are also supported by a wide array of free design tools, evaluation board and other design resources to ease the development of RF systems. For more information, visit:

ADI IMS 2013