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May 2, 2014
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Savant is a sophisticated computational electromagnetic (CEM) tool for computing the installed performance of antennas as mounted on electrically large platforms.

  • Predict installed antenna patterns and antenna-to-antenna coupling in complex environments.
  • Optimized for electrically large, high-fidelity platforms.
  • Intuitive and powerful user interface with 3D visualization for problem setup and results display.
  • Multiple installed antennas defined by 3D free-space patterns or current distribution.
  • General multi-layer materials for coatings, radomes and walls.
  • Antenna siting for optimal performance and minimum cosite EMI, radome analysis.
  • Complimentary capability to full-wave solver.
  • Import 3D CAD models to define the platform/environment for Savant simulations.
  • Define and place antennas interactively using 3-D free space radiation patterns or equivalent current sources.
  • Single and swept frequency modes.
  • Savant’s multi-core parallelized engine accounts for all important effects:
  • Blockage, Diffraction, Multi-bounce
  • Creeping waves
  • Savant computes:
  • Installed radiation patterns
  • Coupling between Tx/Rx antenna pairs
  • Spatial E & H field distribution
  • Incident, scattered and total fields
  • Specialized ray tools allow visualization of multi-bounce physics to gain a better understanding of the important interactions occurring.
  • OS: Windows/Linux/Mac

Several powerful features in Savant make the tool easy-to-use and apply to the most challenging problems.

Savant Features:

  • Sophisticated GUI for setting up, running and interpreting Savant simulation
  • Support for a variety of CAD formats including ACAD Facet, Stereolithography, Wavefront OBJ, IGES, Gmsh, and IDEAS Universal.
  • Library of parametrically defined antennas including common antenna types such as monopoles, dipoles, isotropic, hemitropic, directive beam, loop, etc.
  • Support for representing free space antenna patterns as far-field radiation patterns or as current sources. Current source models are necessary when the antenna is electrically close to a surface.
  • Free space antenna formats can be narrowband or wideband (ie. multi-frequency).
  • Multi-layer material models for penetrable materials such as coatings, radomes and walls.
  • Ability to compute far-field, near-field, and antenna-to-antenna coupling.
  • Visual ray trace feature for aiding the analyst in understanding the ray interactions with the platform. Ray filter to specific far-field and near-field observation points supported.
  • Physical Theory of Diffraction (PTD) wedge correction feature.
  • Divergence factor correction included for curved surfaces (e.g., reflector antennas).
  • Creeping Wave. Savant is the only commercially available SBR software with this feature.
  • Smart power normalization feature.
  • Multi-core support. The user can specify number of cores to use for a computation through the GUI.
  • Dynamic zoning feature for major acceleration of computations involving many current sources.
  • Extensive Help documentation including several tutorials.
  • Advanced plotting capabilities including built in Cartesian and Polar plots with CAD overlay feature.

Savant is a product of Delcross Technologies. It can be purchased through CST distribution channels.


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