The development of radio technologies illustrates how waves of technological change have swept through the electronics industry, from the initial ‘spark’ to today’s highly sophisticated multimedia personal appliances that enable consumers to talk, surf the web and share pictures with friends.

Such waves of innovation demonstrate how advances in the electronics’ field are repeatedly invented, adopted and improved upon. In line with such advances, Agilent, since its inception in 1939 (as Hewlett-Packard), has led the way with design and test solutions that enable the cycle of innovation.

Now, perhaps even more than ever, the proliferation and complexity of technology continues to challenge the industry. Advances in miniaturization and processing, convergence, cost and competition continue to reach new heights. Right now, there is no single solution that addresses all of these dynamics. Innovation comes through the interaction of like minds with a mutual purpose, and European Microwave Week provides the perfect opportunity for the industry to come together as a community to share research and new developments.

Agilent has innovated test technology throughout its history and as the leading test provider is proud to be playing a lead role in European Microwave Week as the Platinum Sponsor for the event. Also, as one of the premier events in RF and microwave technology, and recognising its international significance, the company has specifically chosen EuMW for the worldwide introduction of two major new products.

Change is the only constant in RF & microwaves and this will continue to challenge the industry. Agilent is constantly tracking these changes and responding to its customer needs with relevant solutions for design and test. At EuMW the company will have two exhibition stands, one (301) of which is dedicated to its design solutions and the other (572) to its test solutions. Alongside, free workshops will present the company’s latest solutions.