Following a major upsurge in demand for the company's range of in-house manufactured waveguide products, Link Microtek has expanded both the floor space and the workforce at its waveguide manufacturing facility in Basingstoke, UK, by 50 percent. Booming waveguide sales in the commercial communications and military sectors over recent months have led the company to recruit more engineering and production staff.

To accommodate this growth, the company has leased extra space and reorganized its manufacturing operations, creating a larger 'clean' area dedicated to final assembly and test. In addition, significant investment has been made in new production machinery and microwave test equipment, including the latest Agilent PNA-L series 10 MHz to 40 GHz vector network analyzer.

The manufacturing facility produces a comprehensive range of waveguide hardware and associated products such as horn antennas, adapters, rotary joints, swivel joints, filters, couplers, terminations and TEM cells. In addition to its standard products, the company also has all the in-house engineering expertise needed to undertake custom designs.