Thales Canada announced that its R&D facility in Parc du Technologique is now an official Thales Research and Technology (TRT) centre – the fifth in the world and first in North America. The inauguration of the new facility will strengthen Thales Canada’s role beyond development to research, maintaining a leading position with the creation and transfer of technologies. 

“Thales has grown its research business in Quebec City over the past decade to become the major defence and security technology company in this region and this success and the richness of the Quebec City R&D community is being recognized by Thales Group with the creation of Thales Research and Technology Canada,” said Paul Kahn, President and CEO, Thales Canada.”

The centre will bolster the region’s innovation network. It will contribute to the province of Quebec’s knowledge base, and to the training of highly educated people. It will attract the collaboration of academia to industry-driven projects, and will provide co-op projects to undergraduate students. There will be a strong push to increasing research partnerships and work in established research consortia or networks like CRIAQ, PROMPT, and GARDN.

 “While sharing knowledge with the global TRT network, academia, governments at all levels, and commercial infrastructures will also benefit from our leading-edge, home grown research and technology achievements,” Kahn stated.