Microwave Journal has added some exciting promotional vehicles for 2013. Our high impact, rich media banners ad units provide great visibility on our website with newly added wallpaper, page peel, interstitial and animated banner ad units.  Wallpaper ads fill the space in the left and right margins on every page providing a large area to present your ad. The page peel is animated in the upper right corner to appear as if the corner of a page is being turned in a book – this turns down to reveal the ad on mouse over. The interstitial or cover ad unit pops up over the page capturing the browser window and displaying the ad for a set time or until the user closes it. Third party custom banner animations such as push downs and other rich media animated banners can also be accommodated on the Microwave Journal site. These ad units are well suited for major product launches or branding efforts to deliver your message with high visibility in a short period of time.

Wallpaper Ad

Page Peel Ad

New for 2013 will be the Microwave Journal Mobile App that will be available for iOS and Android devices starting in January. It will deliver the monthly magazine in a mobile format appropriate for tablets and phones along with feeds for industry news, blog postings and executive interviews. Archived issues will also be available through the app. Advertisers will be able to deliver their message to our mobile audience via a leaderboard banner or box shaped ads below the navigation menu. In addition, digital media such as electronic belly bands, videos, blow-ins, etc. can be added to any page of the mobile app and digital delivered issues. We expect this reader segment to grow rapidly in 2013 as tablets really penetrate the market.

Microwave Journal has long been active on the major social media sites and pioneered new ways to use social media in the industry. Now you can leverage our large presence with our new Social Media Amplifier (SMA) Program. This program can be customized to your specific marketing program goals and strategies using our Facebook group, targeted LinkedIn groups, Twitter accounts and Pinterest.  Our LinkedIn RF & Microwave Community is the industry’s largest with close to 15,000 members (and still growing). We will layout a program of mentions and postings that will help get the word out to your audience segment.  These programs are a great add-on to integrated marketing plans to provide an extra lift to major product launches or highlight your presence at a trade show.  They can also get the word out about training sessions, user meetings and webinars that your company is running.

We are always investigating cutting edge advertising methods to deliver your message to the right audience in creative and interesting ways. We are working on linking print ads to the digital world using an augmented reality app so look for other exciting new opportunities to come in the near future.  We are living in an exciting time where wireless mobile devices using our industry’s technologies are enabling things that used to be science fiction.