I would like to first express my sympathy to our readers who suffered the wrath of Hurricane Sandy two weeks ago. The devastation that this storm wrought on parts of the Northeast was truly incredible to witness and our thoughts go out to all of those who suffered its effects. I hope that you are safely on the path to recovery.

Having escaped the brunt of the storm here in Boston, we are turning our attention to next year, with the release of our 2013 Media Kit. You may notice that this year's media kit is larger, reflecting the addition of several new marketing opportunities. These new initiatives include rich media, social media, our mobile app and a new show in China. Editor Pat Hindle expands on some of these promotional channels in his contribution to this edition of The WaveGuide.

Dinner in China

I am just back from the International Microwave Exhibition (IME) in Shanghai, and I am happy to report that this trade show was significantly larger than last year in number of exhibitors and attendees. It illustrated the growing RF/microwave market in China and the potential for business growth in this region. MWJ was there in force, with representatives from our U.S., London and China offices presenting our MWJ China publication and the new EDI CON event, scheduled for March, 2013 in Beijing (and dining on some excellent cuisine as an added benefit).  We distributed nearly 1,000 copies of the Nov/Dec issue of MWJ China and signed on many new exhibitors for the show, capping a very successful week.

IME 2012

We close our December issue this week, with its editorial focus on “Industrial, Scientific and Medical Applications”. Editor David Vye expands on upcoming editorial topics in his article below. There’s still time to book your ad for this issue, with the space deadline approaching on Thursday, November 15th.   

The storm is over, the election is history and the holidays are approaching. It is all clear skies ahead.


Carl Sheffres