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RFMW introduces 35W GaN transistor from TriQuint Semiconductor

RFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for TriQuint Semiconductor’s T1G4003532-FL, DC to 3.5 GHz GaN transistor offering up to 37W P3dB.  Gain at P3dB is >13dB requiring half the power from a driver stage compared to some competitors. Linear gain is >16dB. The T1G4003532-FL uses a 32 V supply and only 150 mA of current. Overall efficiency is >53%. The –FL flange package offers low thermal resistance and is easily bolted down. Also available is an earless package in the T1G4003532-FS. Both transistors are ideal for military and civilian radar, jammers and communications systems where high gain and high efficiency are required. The T1G4003532-FL is available from stock at RFMW, Ltd.

T1G4003532-FL: Flanged Package, 35W, 32V, DC-3.5GHz GaN RF Power Transistor

T1G4003532-FS: Earless Package, 35W, 32V, DC-3.5GHz GaN RF Power Transistor 

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