Space Qualified Image Reject Mixer

Crane Aerospace & Electronics Microwave Solutions introduces a newly developed surface-mount image rejection mixer designed for space-flight applications. This mixer, operating in a selected segment of L-Band, provides greater than 25 dB rejection of the image frequency, while supporting an insertion loss performance of 8.5 dB maximum.

The units are constructed using a combination of toroid transformer and stripline technology. The mixers are built using Crane’s considerable experience in complex, high-performance double-balanced mixer technology. Carefully selected monolithic Schottky diode quads are used so that both the diode junctions within the diode quads and the two quads are matched allowing the mixer to meet the required isolation and image rejection. The device is housed in a resistance welded, hermetically sealed Kovar and ceramic based surface-mount package.

The specifications for this unit include RF and LO frequency range from 1745 to 1785 MHz; IF frequency of 2 to 42 MHz; conversion loss of 8.5 dB maximum; LO to RF isolation of 30 dB minimum; and image rejection of 25 dB minimum.

In order to ensure that the unit is appropriate for use in space flight, it is critical that the pedigree and quality of the underlying components and overall construction technology is held to high standards. The individual components are qualified and screened to meet the rigors of the space flight environment. Additionally, the devices themselves are both screened and qualified to the appropriate requirements.

This product is representative of the custom design and manufacturing capabilities of Crane Aerospace & Electronics Microwave Solutions Space Product Line. Additional product areas supported for space flight applications include power dividers, hybrids and directional couplers, beamformers, mixers, circulators and isolators, filters and oscillators.

Crane Aerospace & Electronics
Beverly, MA