Remcom announces a major upgrade to XFdtd® Release 7 (XF7), with waveguide ports, additional XStream® GPU Acceleration coverage, multi-core meshing, and other significant performance improvements in simulation creation. The point release updates XFdtd to Release 7.3.

Specific highlights of the release include: 

  • Waveguide ports
  • Magnetized Ferrite Materials, Thin Wire Materials and Periodic Boundary Conditions are now accelerated with XStream GPU Acceleration
  • Meshing performance has been improved by utilizing multiple CPU cores
  • Dramatic reduction in overall time to prepare a simulation
  • The static solver has been enhanced to calculate and assign static potentials to uninitialized conductors in the problem space
  • Improved accuracy of static solver when utilizing meshes with variable grid spacing
  • Dissipated Power Density field plots
  • Active VSWR result for antenna array analysis

Scott Langdon, director of Remcom’s EM software tools, said, “XF7 has had significant growth in the last year, with many new features being added every few months. The large collection of additional features has not only benefited specific industries, such as mobile device manufacturers and the MR and biomedical communities, but also the general user population with universally useful upgrades such as new complex geometric modeling features, usability, and speed improvements. All have been in direct response to customers’ needs and requests. These consistent and purposeful improvements are a result of our flexible, responsive approach to product development; we feel this is more beneficial than waiting for larger releases to offer benefits to the market.”

Rodney Korte, product manager for XFdtd, said, “Our development team considers the efficiency of the software when evaluating any new feature. Our goal is to make XF7 faster and able to leverage maximum computing resources with every release. With Release 7.3, we focused on improving the preparing and running of simulations. Users should see dramatic reductions in the time it takes to complete their computations.”

XF7 is available in both Pro and Bio-Pro versions. Both include XStream GPU Acceleration, 32- or 64-bit analysis module, geometric modeler and postprocessor, shared memory multiprocessor (MPM) at eight cores, and a comprehensive variety of 3D CAD import modules. The Bio-Pro version also includes SAR capability and high fidelity human body meshes. XFdtd users without an active Remcom Professional Support contract can upgrade to the latest version of Release 7 by contacting sales(at)remcom(dot)com.

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