L-com Inc., a designer and manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, has finalized an agreement with an Argentinean electronics company ISECOM S. A. Through ISECOM, customers in Argentina can purchase L-com's high quality wireless products without the need for foreign shipping. ISECOM will be adding L-com's HyperLink products to a list of manufacturers including HP Networking, Eaton, AMP, Fayser, VISIONxIP, and more.

ISECOM has operated in Argentina since 1996 from three major cities, Rosario, Córdoba, and Mendoza. This positions them to be able to reach and supply most of the country with their fast and Just-in-Time (JIT) shipping of electronic products. Carrying a breadth of brands in the wireless, telephony, security, and networking markets, they pride themselves on their direct relationships with top brand manufacturers around the world.

"Argentina's burgeoning technological market demands high quality products from a variety of sources," said Mario Jimenez, ISECOM President. "By avoiding intermediaries, we have an advantage of providing L-com's HyperLink brand products to Argentine customers with minimal lead time and cost."

"Our Argentine orders have increased in recent years, making our decision to increase distribution channels there a mandate," said Mark Jaworski, L-com's Global Sales Manager. "ISECOM's culture of working closely and directly with manufacturers makes them an excellent partner for this endeavor."

ISECOM has already begun adding HyperLink products to its online catalog for its more than 2,000 local customers. L-com has added ISECOM to its growing list of authorized international distributors, available on its website here: http://www.l-com.com/content/International-Distributors.html