RFPA1012_SPRFMD’s new RFPA1012 GaAs HBT linear power amplifier is specifically designed for wireless infrastructure applications. Using a GaAs HBT fabrication process, this high performance single-stage amplifier achieves a high IP3/DC power ratio that operates over a broad frequency range.

It also offers low noise figure making it an excellent solution for 2nd and 3rd stage LNAs.


  • High Linearity: OIP3 = 44dBm at 900MHz
  • Low Noise: NF = 3.5dB at 900MHz
  • Low DC Power: 5V, 90mA
  • 400MHz to 2700MHz Operation


  • GaAs Pre-Driver for Base Station Amplifiers
  • Class AB Operation for DCS, PCS, UMTS, and WiFi Transceiver Applications
  • 2nd/3rd Stage LNA for Wireless Infrastructure

This product is currently available in production quantities. Pricing begins at $2.76 each for 100 pieces.

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