Wireless Power Meter

Power meters are essential to the telecommunications industry as the primary test and measurement equipment used by installation technicians and maintenance engineers. The current instrument market is mainly comprised of stationary meters built for laboratory countertops and portable power meters that tend to be rather large and bulky with troublesome cables. Neither of these options proves to be convenient or practical for outdoor use.

The RS2026 portable power meter features a wireless interface between a remote power unit and handheld display. This lightweight, digital device offers an innovative solution for any power meter application and would prove to be the clear choice for any maintenance and laboratory technicians and engineers. Designed to consistently provide exceptional performance, the RS2026 sets the standards high as the only power meter using wireless technology on the market as reported at the time of its release.

The RS2026 RemSensor is available in four versions of varying frequency. The 3 and 6 GHz versions are equipped with a type N male connector, the 20 GHz versions with a type N Female- or SMA (Male) connector, and the 26 GHz with SMA (Male) only.

Future models can be remotely controlled, include GPS capability, allow making measurements from multiple locations, be easily updated as needed, and have multiple remote sensor pairings capability. The wireless capabilities include a radio frequency of 2.4 GHz (unlicensed band) with a reach of up to 100 meters.

The remote power unit has a frequency range from 10 MHz to 20 GHz and a sensor-dependent power range between -23 and +10 dBm. It allows for both peak-hold and continuous power measurement and features a power accuracy of ±0.2 dB. Measurements are captured at four significant places and can be read in dBm or mW.

Both the handheld and remote units support a DC power input via a USB micro to AC adapter cable. The Handheld and RemSensor units are battery powered and provides intuitive user interface and data transfer through a USB micro interface.  The handheld unit weighs 0.66 lbs with dimensions of 2.75 (W) × 1.40 (H) × 5.25 (L) inches. The RemSensor weighs 0.33 lbs and has dimensions of 2.2 (W) × 1.35 (H) × 3.0 (L) inches.  The RemSensor operates within a temperature range of -25° to +45°C.

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