Visit Cadence in Booth 2558 at IMS 2012, where we will showcase our latest solutions for high-performance/accurate RF simulation and full-spectrum noise analysis. Don’t miss the workshop on "Advances in Noise Analysis for RF Circuits,” where Cadence and other experts will share their experiences and methodologies.

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Booth 2558

  • High-Performance and Accurate RF Simulation
    With today’s complex RF specifications and protocol standards, achieving first-pass RF-IC silicon is a daunting task. Detailed RF simulation is necessary to verify circuit behavior against the specs, but this increases runtime exponentially and makes it impractical to fully simulate the intended behavior of the RF-IC. See how to speed-up your RF simulation runtime—from weeks and days to hours and minutes—and how to achieve accurate results using Cadence Virtuoso Accelerated Parallel Simulator RF.
  • Full-Spectrum Noise Analysis
    Traditional periodic noise analysis requires a large number of frequency translations to accurately calculate and characterize the output noise.  This leads to prohibitively long simulation runtimes. See how advanced noise analysis technology from Cadence eliminates the requirement for frequency translation, enabling faster and accurate periodic noise simulation.


  • Advances in Noise Analysis for RF Circuits
    Noise dramatically impacts system-level performance, especially with advanced node RF-IC circuits that have noise-sensitive architectures (sigma-delta ADCs, fractional-N and integer-N PLLs, and SerDes). Noise sources are inherent to the circuit elements and cannot be eliminated. Because device noise determines the fundamental limits on circuit performance, noise characterization and minimization is a must for RF-IC design.

    This workshop brings in experts from different domains—RF circuit designers, researchers and academics, and noise-analysis tool providers—to present their practical experiences, discoveries, methodologies, and solutions used to analyze and minimize noise for RF-IC designs. For more information and to register, go to: