M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc., a leading supplier of high performance analog semiconductor solutions, introduced a new 120 W PIN Diode SPDT switch for network applications and military communications.

The T/R switch offers high isolation of 50 dB at 2.7 GHz, low insertion loss, and high Tx RF input power handling of 120 W at 85°C. Packaged in a surface mount 4 mm, 16-Lead PQFN, the MASW-000936 is a SPDT high power, high linearity PIN diode T/R switch. The switch is ideal for applications requiring small footprint operating between 0.05 - 6.0 GHz, including LTE and WiMAX base stations, radar, land mobile, and two-way radios.

The MASW-000936 incorporates PIN diodes, fabricated using M/A-COM Tech’s low loss high isolation switching diode process.

“The MASW-000936 was designed with high power LTE base stations in mind where it can handle average transmit power levels over 100 W. The switch offers high isolation needed for protecting the sensitive elements of the receiver.” said Amer Droubi, product manager, Cellular Infrastructure. “This switch simplifies the system design, shrinks the PCB board area and reduces the bill of material cost by replacing multiple discrete pin diodes.”