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Copper Mountain Technologies has developed a new class of vector network analyzer, the virtual vector reflectometer PLANAR R54, operating in the frequency range of 85 MHz to 5.4 GHz (specified to 4.2 GHz). The device functions with a virtual UI and is powered and operated via a single USB interface on any external Windows PC.

PLANAR R54 implements many of the functions of advanced vector reflectometers, measuring various characteristics of the S11 parameter: return loss, VSWR, phase, impedance (Smith chart), etc. It also operates in time domain measuring DTF with high accuracy. With a frequency setting resolution of 10 Hz and up to 10,001 measurement points per sweep, R54 performs on par with industry leaders, but at a fraction of the cost.

The device has a uniquely compact form factor: 117 × 39 × 19 mm and weighs only 8.8 ounces, using less than 2 W for power. These dimensions are no accident – the device is as small as the minimum bend radius of a test cable which allows for direct connection to any DUT where a test cable could be connected. The ability to easily connect to a DUT without the use of a test cable improves the accuracy of testing, decreases cost and allows for more efficient and less frequent calibration.

The combination of advanced features, high accuracy and value of the PLANAR R54 makes this vector reflectometer well suited for daily use by specialists in the field as well as in the lab and production environment. The software interface of the R54 is compatible with the latest in notebook and tablet technology (including touch screens), allowing for the portability in the field.

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