In March 2013, Microwave Journal and its parent company Horizon House will launch a new conference and trade show focused on high frequency electronic design. Electronic Design Innovation Conference (EDI Con) will be held March 12-14 in Beijing, complementing the introduction of our new print magazine, Microwave Journal China and companion website - The event will be developed in collaboration with the companies that currently contribute to the Journal and operate in China. Our aim is to develop the premier communication channel for advancing microwave technology in this growing market through print, electronic media and a dedicated conference/trade show.

At the Journal, we have been giving this project much thought and recognize this as an opportunity to design a different kind of program, albeit one that reflects the editorial focus of our magazine and the design community’s needs. In its first year, EDI Con will be a two and a half day event with a technical program featuring the latest design techniques and technologies, workshops for advanced professional education and product training, business panels to discuss market trends and an exhibition of leading microwave companies.

The technical program will be developed in partnership with industry and local academia with an emphasis on design trends and the needs of the industries we serve. Papers, workshops and tutorials will encompass all aspects of high frequency/high speed design from new semiconductor processes and circuit architecture, to the advanced miniaturization and integration of microwave components and subassemblies necessary for tomorrow’s communication systems. Topics will include advanced materials and semiconductors, simulation and EM modeling, as well as testing at the component and system levels.

The Journal often presents microwave technology in the context of business and industry. EDI Con will offer a similar balance with keynote talks and panel sessions featuring high-level executives from both industry and government. Designing a conference from the ground up provides the perfect opportunity to apply lessons learned from our involvement in a variety of other events and the freedom to innovate. By announcing this initiative now, we are reaching out to potential partners in this venture and we look forward to your feedback when we meet face to face in Montréal. We hope you participate. After all, there is no business like show business. And it all starts in Beijing, March 2013.