Remcom announces new biomedical features in XFdtd® Release 7 (XF7) for the MR community, which will be demonstrated at the ISMRM 20th Annual Meeting and Exhibition, May 5-11 in Melbourne, Australia. Remcom engineers will demonstrate the new Birdcage Designer and MR Phased Array Designer at Remcom’s booth (#247). In-booth appointments are being offered for those attendees that would like to meet individually with the development team to discuss the new features or work on their own projects.

The Birdcage Designer and MR Phased Array Designer, which are scheduled for release later this year, offer the following benefits:

  • Intuitive design process guides you through project creation
  • Manages circuit components automatically
  • Sets up waveforms automatically
  • Automatic grid definition
  • Ready to simulate in seconds

Jim Stack, Remcom’s training, applications, and consulting manager, said, “The Birdcage and MR Phased Array Designers were developed to allow MR professionals to spend more time investigating possible designs by eliminating the time required to prepare a design for simulation. The tools allow users to quickly configure their structures using intuitive settings. The software then automatically adds feeds, capacitors and other project settings. This permits users to move immediately into simulation and tuning. As is typical for any new feature in XF7, our goal was to shorten the time required to successfully complete a design by better reflecting a real world workflow in our process.”

Additional information can be found on Remcom’s ISMRM web page at In addition, a sign-up form is available for in-booth appointments.

About XFdtd Release 7: XF7 is Remcom’s full wave 3D EM solver for the analysis of complex EM problems and FDTD-based modeling and simulation. The Bio-Pro version of XF7 provides accurate predictions of the interaction of electromagnetic fields with biological tissues and includes important bio-EM calculation capabilities such as automatic saving of all steady state conduction currents, electric fields, and magnetic fields. In addition, XF7 Bio-Pro includes automatic calculation of Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) including whole body, 1 gram, and 10 gram averages. XF7 Bio-Pro can be used for many applications: imaging devices including MRI coil design and tuning, SAR and field analysis, implantable devices such as pacemakers and diagnostic equipment, field exposure from radiating sources such as cell phones and other antennas, human models and phantoms, and regulation/certification.

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