Rogers Corp. will be offering a wide range of its high performance circuit board materials at the upcoming Del Mar Electronics & Design Show on May 2-3, 2012 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego, CA. Representatives from Rogers Advanced Circuit Materials Division will be available at Booth #622 to help visitors obtain optimum performance using the company’s many different circuit board material offerings, including Theta® materials for high speed digital circuits and Rogers’ reliable RT/duroid® 6035HTC high frequency laminates for high power RF/microwave applications.

The Del Mar Electronics & Design Show ( is one of Southern California’s premiere events for those involved in designing, manufacturing, and testing electronic products. To help visitors working in both the digital and analog electronic realms, Rogers will highlight several of its more popular products, including halogen free Theta circuit materials, which are ideal for high speed digital circuits. Theta materials provide the performance needed to maintain outstanding signal integrity (SI) in high speed circuits. They feature a relative dielectric constant of 3.90 at 1 GHz and low dissipation factor of 0.009 at 1 GHz for excellent low loss performance. Theta materials are designed for high reliability, with a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of only 50 ppm/°C in the z direction, or about 30% less expansion than standard FR-4 circuit materials for the same temperature range. This translates into improved reliability of plated through holes (PTHs), buried blind, and stacked vias in multilayer structures requiring multiple lamination cycles.

Rogers RT/duroid 6035HTC laminates are designed for applications where high reliability is required, for example in circuits for military and aerospace systems. These high performance materials incorporate a unique filler material to achieve a relative dielectric constant of 3.5 in the z-axis at 10 GHz with extremely high thermal conductivity of 1.44 W/m-K. RT/duroid 6035HTC circuit materials are ideally suited for high frequency, high power circuits, including amplifiers, couplers, filters, and power combiners/dividers. The high thermal conductivity, combined with a low loss tangent of 0.0013 at 10 GHz, enables circuit designers to optimize gain and efficiency in high-power amplifiers. 

In addition, visitors to the Rogers booth can learn more about MCL-FX-2 laminates, which support high speed digital circuits at rates exceeding 1 Gb/s. These high performance circuit materials are manufactured with prepregs supplied from Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. (, as part of a strategic collaborative agreement between the two companies.