MIMO …and all that jazz

Over-the-air Signal Challenges and Implications - Recommendation for LTE RAN
Wednesday May 9th, 12:00-2:00 pm ET

Protocols used by LTE networks to leverage MIMO technologies are significantly impacted by correlation and thus by the channel models under which they’re tested. This Forum provides an understanding of over-the-air, multipath signal challenges, the impact on network performance and considerations for end-to-end testing. A panel discussion with speakers from Anritsu, Rhode &Schwarz, Azimuth and more to be announced will conclude the Forum.
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MIMO OTA Measurements - The Next Generation Platform for Wireless Testing
Thursday May 10th, 1:00-3:00 pm ET

Extensive efforts are underway to standardize on a next generation platform for performance testing of wireless devices, taking into account LTE, A-GPS, uncertainty budgets and use of head/hand phantoms. This Forum provides an understanding of system performance and presents the core elements - such as the chamber, software and instrumentation - that facilitate systematic and repeatable measurements of MIMO devices. A panel discussion with the speakers from ETS-Lindgren, Agilent Technologies, Spirent, and Elektrobit concludes the Forum.
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