Transline Technology, an Anaheim, CA based Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer, underwent the first phase of registration for AS-9100 Rev C which involved review of all of their manuals and internal documentation. The auditors not only passed Transline in this initial stage, but had no suggested corrections for the PCB manufacturer.

When asked how he thought Transline was able to be so successful during this early stage of registration co-owner, Chris Savalia, replied: "Although AS-9100 registration is a rigorous process, being committed to full compliance to our existing ISO-9001 and ITAR certifications helped us to be far more easily positioned to add the requirements of AS-9100 C."

Transline Technology is pursuing the challenging registration in order to meet the requirements of the Aerospace and Military market. Although TTI currently does prototype work for Lockheed Martin, Skunk works division, they are not qualified for pre-production and production work due to the lack of this certification.

Savalia stated that the 2-1/2 day final audit will take place in the end of April 2012. "Our goal was to have the AS-9100 C in place by the time we exhibit at the MTTS IMS trade show in Montreal in the end of June. This show provides us the opportunity to begin building relationships in the Aerospace and Military industries. This year we will most certainly be able to affirm our registration and compliance to the AS-9100 C standards."