High Power Amplifier

The model PHC 447-500 is a 500 W pulsed high power amplifier (HPA) that utilizes class AB bias to achieve high linearity. This amplifier is designed to operate up to 10 percent duty factor and pulse widths up to 2 ms. It has good spurious and harmonic rejection as well as EMI/EMC susceptibility on conductive emissions characteristics. The HPA incorporates circuitry to protect against excess overdrive, temperature and VSWR and operates from –40° to 35°C. The HPA is phased match and can be used in a phased array radar to achieve higher radiated power. This amplifier is used in radars where pulse linearity and spectral characteristics are critical.

Comtech PST,
Melville, NY (631) 777-8900,

Voltage-controlled Crystal Oscillator

The V300/400/500 series is a family of voltage-controlled crystal oscillators (VCXO) with low jitter. This family is available in a surface-mount package with enable/ disable functions and various outputs of LVPECL (V300 series), CMOS (V400 series) and LVDS (V500 series). These VCXO oscillators are designed for use in PLL systems in ATM/SONET/ SDH applications requiring low jitter and tight stability. No multiplication schemes are used in this oscillator design for output frequencies up to 200 MHz. Size: 5 x 7.5 mm. Price: $16.00 (1000). Delivery: stock to eight weeks.

Connor-Winfield Corp.,
Aurora, IL (630) 851-4722,

Miniature RF Amplifier

The model A402277 is a miniature RF amplifier that operates from 26 to 40 GHz. This amplifier has a gain of 30 dB, gain variation of ±2.0 dB, noise figure of 6.0 dB and Pout at 1 dB compression is +16 dBm. Nominal DC current at 12 V is 400 mA and is available with removable connectors. Size: 0.62" x 0.66" x 0.22".

Herotek Inc.,
San Jose, CA (408) 941-8399,

Frequency Synthesizer

This SLX series of surface-mount frequency synthesizers feature fixed-frequency or serially-programmable outputs in bands from 100 MHz to 3 GHz. Bandwidths are available from octave at fc ≤ 600 MHz to 20 percent bandwidths at 2.5 GHz. Customer-specified step sizes range from 10 kHz to 1 MHz. At 1 GHz frequency output, typical phase noise characteristics are –90 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz and –115 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offsets; at 3 GHz frequency output, phase noise is –85 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz and –110 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offsets. Typical supply is +3 VDC at < 15 mA. Packaged in a 0.50" square surface-mount housing, the SLX series is ideally suited for use as local oscillators for up and downconverters in handheld and other wireless communications systems where small size is the most critical parameter.

Medium Power Low Noise Amplifier

The model HMC490 is an extremely versatile medium power low noise amplifier (LNA) that operates over 12 to 17 GHz. With a noise figure of only 2.2 dB, a P1dB of +26 dBm and an output IP3 of +35 dBm this device can be used as a LNA in the receive section or as a driver in the transmit section of a Ku-band radio. The HMC490 offers a 26 dB of gain, which will simplify system designs by reducing the number of discrete gain stages required.

RF Crystal Oscillator

The 2.5 V RFX250 and RFV250 low voltage series of crystal oscillators (XO) features low jitter and phase noise that enable the full use of the allotted bandwidth in a system, as well as lower bit rate errors in optical data communications. This makes the rfXOs ideal for use in high performance applications using SONET, ATM, SDH, gigabit Ethernet and WAN, as well as for timing reference in optical and data communications systems. Designers employing these rfXOs can achieve up to 40 percent reduction in costs, which significantly improves the cost-to-performance ratio of systems using these devices. The LVE-PECL crystal oscillator RFX250 and LVE-PECL voltage-controlled crystal oscillator RFV250 feature phase jitter of < 0.5 ps and a frequency range from 600 MHz to 1.25 GHz. Size: 7.5 x 5.0 x 1.5 mm. Price: RFV250 $35.58 (1000). Delivery: stock to 16 weeks (ARO).

Balanced Amplifiers

This ZRL series of medium power amplifiers has been enhanced as a result of the company’s Blue Cell technology that allows the use of its 90° splitters. The foremost advantage is the improvement of both input and output return loss due to reflections canceling in the hybrid couplers. Amplifier design stability is also more predictable due to each active device being terminated in a 50 Ω load. Output power and third-order intercept performance is twice that of a single device amplifier. If one half of a balanced amplifier fails, it will still operate with a gain reduction of about 6 dB.

High Power Amplifiers

This redesigned family of 20 to 1000 MHz power amplifiers offers significant improvements in performance and manufacturing. Typical of the improved value is model 5125, which has an output power of 70 W over the frequency range of 20 to 1000 MHz. The previous model’s output power was 40 W. Additionally, improved manufacturing methodology has resulted in even greater value by allowing the price to be reduced by 5 percent. This is a result of incorporating the latest technology and improving manufacturing processes. Key applications for this frequency range are EMC testing, signal intelligence and jamming.

Ophir RF,
Los Angeles, CA (310) 306-5556,

Low Noise Amplifier

The model PE2-47-1826-8-15-SFF is a high gain, low noise amplifier designed to provide 45 dB minimum gain over a frequency range of 18 to 26 GHz. This amplifier provides a good noise figure of under 3.0 dB. Other gain and output power levels are available. This amplifier offers a input/output return loss of 2.0 maximum, a noise figure of 3.0 dB maximum and output power at 1 dB gain compression of +8 dBm minimum. This model has AC coupling on input and output RF ports, operating current of 200 mA at +15 VDC maximum, internally regulated/reverse voltage protection and custom housings are available.

Planar Electronics Technology,
Frederick, MD (301) 662-5019,

Detection Log Video Amplifier

The model SLVAC-06135M-A08-LA is a miniature successive detection log video amplifier (SDLVA) that operates over the 600 MHz to 1.35 GHz frequency range. These units have a dynamic range of 65 to 70 dB, a TSS of –67 dBm and a nominal video bandwidth of 20 MHz. These SDLVAs offer fast 25 ns rise times and 30 ns fall times. The log slope is 25 mV/dB and the log linearity is typically < ±1.0 dB over the –60 to 0 dBm input range. The dynamic range can be extended to –65/+5 with a log error of only ±1.5. The SLVAC-06135M-A08-LA SDLVA can be hermetically sealed and screened to MIL-STD-883. The DC power supply is +5 VDC at 30 mA maximum and –5 VDC at 170 mA maximum. Size: 0.395" x 0.280" x 0.09".

Planar Monolithics Industries Inc.,
Frederick, MD (301) 631-1579,

High Stability Oscillators

The high stability rubidium oscillators (HSRO) series provides a highly stable signal for time frequency measurements. Features include a 1000 cc high performance rubidium oscillator, stability of 4 x 10–13/100s, frequency offset upon shipment < 2x10–11 and a drift of 2x10–11 per month. These oscillators offer a SSB phase noise of –155 dBc at 10 kHz and a 6 pin connector for 24 VDC power (supplied) with adjacent SMA like female connector (supplied). The HSRO rubidium oscillator’s low cost, small size and good short-term accuracy make it ideal for high performance applications. Size: 75 x 87 x 157 mm.

Devon, England +44 (0) 1803 862062,

Power Amplifier Module

The RF3177 PowerStar“ is a highly integrated transmit module for quad-band GSM/GPRS cel-lular handsets. The RF3177 transmit module contains all of the transmitter functions from the power amplifier to the antenna of the handset. This low cost, laminate-based module includes a quad-band PA, integrated power control, PHEMT antenna switch functionality with four independent receive ports, as well as all associated filtering, duplexing and control functions. The RF3177 requires no external matching components and dramatically simplifies handset design by eliminating the PA-to-switch matching design effort, thereby accelerating handset manufacturers’ time to market and full type approval. Additionally, the quad-band transmit module further simplifies customers’ handset designs by enabling a single device to be used in all four GSM bands (GSM, EGSM, DCS and PCS). Size: 9 x 10 x 1.5 mm. Price: $2.99 (10,000).

RF Micro Devices Inc.,
Greensboro, NC (336) 664-1233,

Linear 2.5 W Amplifier

The model SM3436-34HS is a 3.4 to 3.6 GHz amplifier designed to meet the needs of low cost service providers working in the fixed wireless access market. The module provides a minimum P1dB of +34 dBm, a typical OIP3 of +48 dBm, linear gain of 34 dB with a ±0.5 dB flatness across the band and in/out VSWR of 1.5. The unit operates at either +10 or +12 V, with 1.2 amps of operating current. Standard features include logic on/off control, thermal protection with an automatic reset and over voltage protection. Size: 4.7" x 2.0" x 0.54".

Stealth Microwave Inc.,
Trenton, NJ (888) 772-7791,

Voltage-controlled Oscillator

The model CRO4385A is a voltage-controlled oscillator that features low noise performance of –108 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset. This oscillator is geared for the point-to-point and point-to-multipoint microwave communication market. This model offers a tuning voltage of 1 to 4 VDC and a frequency range of 4384 to 4386 MHz. This robust oscillator is designed for extreme environments and is guaranteed to operate in temperatures ranging from –40° to +85°C. Size: 0.50" x 0.50" x 0.22". Price: $29.95.

Z-Communications Inc.,
San Diego, CA (858) 621-2700,

Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier

The model 1000TP1G3 is a traveling wave tube amplifier (TWTA) that is primarily for EMC testing. This amplifier is designed to simulate the effect of a car driving through a beam of radar. It provides the pulse output required to produce 600 V/m radar pulse packets for testing automotive components and subsystems for immunity to electromagnetic fields. This model offers the power to meet both Ford and GM specifications. This TWTA is a 1000/500 W pulse amplifier that delivers 600 V/m radar requirements in two discreet bands: 1.15 to 1.45 GHz and 2.7 to 3.1 GHz.

AR Worldwide,
Souderton, PA (215) 723-8181,

Power Amplifier

The model UPG2301TQ is a GaAs HBT power amplifier. This amplifier offers an output power of 23 dBm and it meets the demands of Class 1 Bluetooth applications. Its 2.4 to 2.5 GHz operation means it can also serve as a driver amplifier in WLAN and ISM band systems. The UPG2301TQ has an operating frequency of 2.4 to 2.5 GHz, a single supply voltage of 3.3 V typical, power gain of 23 dB typical and an efficiency of 50 percent typical. Size: 2.4 x 2.55 x 0.6 mm. Price: $1.20 (10,000).

California Eastern Laboratories,
Santa Clara, CA (408) 988-3500,

Phase Noise Test System

The model PC-400 is a phase noise test system that is designed primarily for oscillator/crystal suppliers and users. This test system is intended to make phase noise measurements and jitter calculations. This model provides a low noise and low jitter standard that is necessary when making the two source phase noise measurements. The user only needs a crystal of the same frequency as the oscillator or the crystal under test. This model provides reference oscillators from 4 to 880 MHz to test clock oscillators and crystals. The PC-400 coordinates with all commercially available phase noise measurement systems.

Ft. Myers, FL (800) 481-1046,


Ultra-high Speed Pulse Modulator

The model SWM-DJV-1DT-2ATT is an ultra-high speed pulse modulator with ≤ 2 ns rise and fall times with a £ 20 ns minimum pulse width at 50 percent duty cycle. The modulator operates from 0.5 to 20.0 GHz and can handle RF input power up to +20 dBm with only ±10 mV maximum video transient. The isolation is 60 dB with £ 2.0 dB typical insertion loss and 4.5 dB maximum insertion loss at 20 GHz. It operates with –5 VDC at 30 mA maximum. Size: 1.0" x 1.0" x 0.5".

American Microwave Corp.,
Frederick, MD (301) 662-4700,

Ultra-broadband Capacitor

This 540L series of ultra-broadband capacitors (UBC™) is a unique capacitor assembly that delivers good performance from 16 kHz through 40 GHz. The 540L UBC is a good match for ultra-broadband DC blocking, coupling and bypassing in high speed digital logic and optical data applications. It exhibits an insertion loss of < 1 dB and a return loss of better than 15 dB. The device has a temperature coefficient of capacitance of ±15 percent over a temperature range of –55° to +125°C and is rated at 10 WVDC. The product utilizes the company’s patented buried electrode capacitor in a miniature package with a 0402 footprint. Price: $1.50 (10,000).

American Technical Ceramics,
Huntington Station, NY (631) 622-4700,

Bandpass Filter

The model 6FVSP-1622.375/X8-NP/N is a low loss highly selective cavity bandpass filter. It is used to isolate the iridium band from outside interference. A special narrowband design provides a low loss passband of 8.25 MHz around center frequency and 40 dB or more of rejection at center frequency ±6 MHz. This model has a rugged mechanical design for stable performance in MIL-level applications.

K&L Microwave Inc.,
Salisbury, MD (410) 749-2424,

Reflective PIN Diode Switch

The model R7C-69-2JA0 is a miniature SP7T reflective PIN diode switch that operates from 0.5 to 18.0 GHz. This switch is packaged as an octagon that is 1.25" from flat to flat. Across the entire band, VSWR is 2.2, insertion loss is 3.75 dB and isolation is 60 dB. This model is available with TTL compatible logic and a switching speed of 100 ns.

G.T. Microwave Inc.,
Randolph, NJ (973) 361-5700,

10 GHz Bandpass Filter

This bandpass filter is primarily designed for broadcast applications. The filter offers a bandwidth of 30 MHz and is tunable between 10 and 10.8 GHz. High Q rectangular waveguide resonators guarantee an insertion loss of 1.7 dB over the temperature range of –5° to +55°C. Other significant characteristics include a return loss of 23 dB and an attenuation of 45 dB at 70 MHz from the center frequency. Size: 155 x 32 x 40 mm.

MF Componenti Srl,
Persiceto, Italy +39-051-68121,

PIN Diode Switch Driver

The model SP1750-04 is a high speed, four channel, monolithic PIN diode switch driver. The device can source ±120 mA at ±3 VDC, and has fully differential inputs. Propagation delay is 2 to 3 ns and can operate from ±5 V supplies while drawing only 35 milliamps. The device includes a TTL and ECL reference output for use with single-ended inputs and a unique compensation input for low video feedthrough applications. It is available as die as well as a surface-mount, hermetic package.

LNX Corp.,
Salem, NH (603) 898-6800,

VHF Switch Filter Bank

The model 3IFA-280/494-SR is a three-channel switch filter bank that covers the frequency range of 250 to 500 MHz. This unit features a custom package designed to fit a specific mechanical configuration. The bank utilizes a +5 V power supply and two TTL control lines for switching. The filter bandwidths are 1.5 dB with stop bands of 45, 50 and 60 dB. This unit has been designed to meet a stringent military environment of –55° to +85° operating temperature.

Lorch Microwave,
Salisbury, MD (410) 860-5100,

Lead-free Resistor Components

These lead-free compatible thick film chip resistor components are for customers transitioning to lead-free circuit assembly. These products feature lead-free end terminal metallizations designed for compatibility with all lead-free alloys and flux systems currently available. The first group of products available with lead free terminations includes the RCI-2512S, RCI-2512T, RCI-2010S and RCI-1206T products, as well as RCI-0805S and RCI-0805T. Other sizes, including RCI-0201, are scheduled to be available in lead-free configurations within a few months.

International Manufacturing Services Inc.,
Portsmouth, RI (401) 683-9700,

Broadband Differential Switch

The model PI3USBxx (USB), model PI3DBVxx (video) and next generation model PI3Lxx (LAN) switches enable the handling of differential broadband signals in advanced high bandwidth applications. These application specific analog products provide design engineers with switching solutions that address applications requiring up to 700 MHz of bandwidth. The models provide attributes in the memory product segment by significantly reducing bus loading. Price: $1.50 (500) (four-channel product).

Pericom Semiconductor Corp.,
San Jose, CA (800) 435-0800,

Non-isolated DC-DC Converters

The model 5 A YNM, model 10 A YNL and model 16 A YNS are non-isolated DC-DC converters that are optimized for operation from a 3.0 to 5.5 VDC IBA bus. These SMD converters are available in 20.3 x 11.4 x 6.3 mm and 33 x 13.5 x 8 mm packages. The YNL products offer fixed outputs from 0.9 to 3.3 VDC, while the YNM and YNS products provide programmable outputs from 0.75 to 3.3 VDC. Benchmarked with a 3.3 VDC output at 85°C ambient temperature and utilizing only natural convection cooling, all three converters deliver their full-rated output current. Additional features include remote on/off, output voltage adjust pin, remote sensing and no minimum load requirements.

Power-One AG,
Uster, Switzerland +41 1944 8111,

4 to 27 GHz Power Divider

The model PS2-50-450/8S is a two-way, 27 GHz power divider. This model covers 4 to 27 GHz with 1 dB insertion loss, 18 dB isolation and 1.6 maximum VSWR. Amplitude and phase match are ±0.5 dB and ±6°, respectively, and SMA female connectors are utilized.

Pulsar Microwave Corp.,
Clifton, NJ (973) 779-6262,

Cable Loads

These cable loads are designed to prevent excessive temperatures in the vicinity of sensitive components or printed circuit boards. The loads have a 50 W impedance and operate from DC to 3 GHz. Their power handling capability is 100 W with a maximum VSWR of 1.20. They are offered with any type of connector – QMA, QN, SMA and N – and a 0.141" semi-rigid cable. The cable load comprises an AlN substrate within an aluminum housing to achieve a good compromise between performance and conduction cooling and the length of the coaxial cable is customized to suit the specific application.

Rosny Sous Bois, France
+33 1 49 35 35 35,

Low Power, Surface-mount Isolators/Circulators

This redesigned and improved surface-mount SLE series of isolators is good for low power applications. These isolators operate at 380 to 2200 MHz, and are low cost and miniaturized size making them a perfect fit for tomorrow’s telecom applications. These devices are also available in a circulator version. Both the circulator and isolator are available in tape and reel format for high speed automated assembly. Models are available in typical bandwidths of 5 percent with isolation > 17 dB and insertion loss < 0.8 dB.

Renaissance Electronics Corp.,
Harvard, MA (978) 772-7774,

Connector Saver Adapter

This 7-16 connector saver adapter features good RF performance along with quality protection of coaxial connectors and attached devices. Designed to provide high caliber laboratory test solutions as well as multiple production and field applications, part no. 756404 is made of silver-plated brass. It operates in the DC to 8 GHz bandwidth with intermodulation better than –165 dBc and a VSWR of 1.06 maximum. Price: $22.95 (1-29). Delivery: available from stock.

Spinner North America,
Norcross, GA (770) 263-6326,

Trimmer Capacitors

This family of surface-mount multi-turn gigahertz trimmer capacitors is designed for high performance RF and microwave circuits in applications such as power amplifiers, base stations and filter tuning. The model SM571 is a gigahertz trimmer with ultra-linear capacitance variation, targeted at applications requiring fine tuning to avoid sudden increases of capacitance when the rotor is close to its maximum or minimum position. It has a specified capacitance range from 0.8 to 6.0 pF across operating voltages up to 500 VDC. Insulation resistance at normal operating voltages is higher than 10,000 mW when the rotor is in the maximum position. The trimmer is designed to withstand shocks of 100 g for 6 ms and vibration of 60 g at 10 to 2000 Hz, with a capacitance range of 0.6 to 4.5 pF over four turns and a length of 5.8 mm, while the AT27570 has a capacitance range of 0.8 to 8.0 pF over eight turns and a length of 8.0 mm. Devices in the range have a temperature coefficient of –50±75 ppm/°C, and offer a Q factor > 3000 at up to 100 MHz.

Cedex, France +33 (0) 1 46 90 23 00,

High Density Cable Assemblies

This line of PARA-OPTIX™ cable assemblies is designed to support high density, parallel optical applications. These assemblies are based on the standard MTP/MPO connector system and can support up to 72 fibers through a single MTP-style connector. These cable assemblies can be mated using a standard MPO coupling adapter in faceplate applications or can be used with the high density PARA-OPTIX transceivers.


94 GHz Antenna

This 94 GHz antenna is designed for an FMCW monostatic configuration radar and is intended for low power long-range applications. It uses the same main reflector and subreflector for both the transmitter and receiver, utilizing the signal polarization principle to separate the in and out signals. Utilizing this principle enables the use of a heterodyne FMCW transceiver with more than 100 mW output CW power and a receiver noise factor of around 11 dB. The antenna has a sweep range of 500 MHz and the isolation between the transmitter and receiver channels is 78 dB. The dynamic range between transmitter power and receiver sensitivity is 130 dBm.

Riga, Latvia +371-7-065100,

Low Profile Antennas

The model LP53A and model LP24A low profile antennas are for 802.11 applications. The LP53A operates at 5.25 GHz (802.11a), has an RF gain of 5.5 dBi and front-to-back ratio of > 20 dBi. The LP53A has a small footprint of 2.7" x 3.4" x 0.4" and lightweight design of 1.75 oz. The LP24 offers a high gain of 7.5 dBi, low profile of 6" x 6" x 0.5" and is 4.4 oz. This model operates at 2.4 GHz (802.11b/g). It has a front-to-back ratio of more than 30 dBi. Package comes standard with an SMA connector. Custom part 15 style cables are available.

Lumera Corp.,
Bothell, WA (425) 398-6505,

Dipole Array Antenna

The model 750LPC1 is a 400 MHz to 1.1 GHz broadband left hand circularly polarized log periodic dipole array antenna. This model provides good radiation pattern and gain performance. The antenna features a rugged construction with reinforced elements required for airborne applications. Key performance parameters include: 3.0 maximum VSWR, 5.5 dBiC nominal gain, 50 W CW power handling and left hand circular polarization. This antenna is an ideal reflector feed element, and is also suitable for a range of applications such as ELINT, SIGINT, RWR and DF systems.

Nurad Technologies Inc.,
Baltimore, MD (410) 542-1700,


Silicon Carbide Diodes

This line of silicon carbide (SiC) ZERO RECOVERY™ Schottky diodes is available in plastic and hermetic packages. The diodes are available in 600 and 1200 V breakdown voltages and configurations include single discrete devices, multi-die discrete devices and center-tap devices. In addition to discrete devices, the company has combined these Schottky diodes with POWERMOS 7“ IGBT to create “combis” for higher efficiency converters. These diodes offer fast switching of up to 500 kHz, allowing smaller EMI filter and other passives.

Advanced Power Technology,
Bend, OR (541) 382-8028,

Integrated Circuits

430 to 928 MHz Transceiver Family

The low voltage, long-range nRF9E5 transceiver with MCU, ADC and the nRF905 transceiver are designed for wireless applications in industrial and domestic environments. Both are manufactured using a 0.18 mm CMOS process and the entire transceiver, including all inductors and filters, is integrated in a single chip. The nRF9E5 transceiver has an embedded 8051 compatible MCU, and four input 10-bit ADC and voltage regulators are embedded on-chip. Both components include the ShockBurst™ feature in both the receive and transmit modes, and that includes features for CRC computation in both the transceiver and receiver modes and address decoding in the receiver mode.

Nordic VLSI ASA,
Tiller, Norway +47 72 89 8900,

RF Front-end Module

The model SKY65203 is an integrated front-end module for 802.11b/g WLAN applications. This module offers a single supply voltage and positive supply diversity switch control that simplifies bias requirements. The PA is manufactured on an advanced InGaP HBT process. All modules are screened at the operating frequency prior to shipment for guaranteed performance. The SKY65203 is targeted for high volume WLAN applications. Additionally, it is a single integrated RF module, it offers a BP and LP filter, diversity switch, and has a high linearity to antenna. This module offers low current of 190 mA at 20 dBm (11b); 130 mA at 16 dBm (11g); and a high gain of 30 dB. Size: 8 ¥ 10 ¥ 1.7 mm.

Skyworks Solutions Inc.,
Woburn, MA (781) 376-3000,


Device Modeling Software

This integrated circuit and analysis program (IC-CAP) 2004 toolset helps modeling engineers, device designers and fabrication process engineers in the RF, digital, analog and microwave semiconductor industries. This program reduces design cycles, decreases manufacturing costs and speeds time to market by enabling the development of highly accurate device models. The plot optimizer in IC-CAP 2004 performs simultaneous optimization routines for an unlimited number of model parameters. IC-CAP 2004 incorporates the data display and optimization capabilities of the company’s Advanced Design System, making parameter extraction, optimization and documentation procedures more efficient. Price: $13,000.

Agilent Technologies Inc.,
Palo Alto, CA (800) 452-4844,

Spiral Synthesis Module

This SpiralSyn is a spiral and transformer synthesis module for the IE3D library. It is driven by the high performance IE3D EM simulation engine. The SpiralSyn has a built-in parameterized library of different types of spirals and transformers. It allows a user to edit, simulate and synthesize spirals and transformers in modern RFIC and MMIC.

Zeland Software Inc.,
Fremont, CA (510) 623-7162,


Failsafe Redundant Switch

The ptf 1220A auto switch is designed for time and frequency applications where reliability criteria call for redundant RF and pulse sources. The unit accepts two input pairs consisting of an RF (sine/square) signal and a pulse of typically 1 PPS. Both primary and backup input pairs are monitored for signal health, and if either the primary RF or pulse signals are determined faulty, the unit automatically switches to the back up channel within < 5 ms. In addition to providing for local control from the instrument front panel, the comprehensive communications package provides status reporting and instrument control on both RS232 and Ethernet interfaces with a variety of available protocols.

Precise Time and Frequency Inc.,
Peabody, MA (978) 535-4848,

8x16 Solid-state Switch Matrix

The model 43P1-8/16-EYAA is an 8¥16 PIN diode solid-state switch matrix. This matrix has applications for signal routing of 8 inputs to 16 outputs – eight inputs can connect to any, all or a combination of 16 outputs over the 1.9 to 2.6 GHz frequency range. It contains sixteen SP8T switches, eight 16-way dividers, integral computer CPU and power supplies. The RF modules are interconnected via blind-mate connectors and are field-replaceable. Other frequencies are available up to 18 GHz.

Millennium Microwave Corp.,
Fruitland, MD (410) 742-8858,

Test Equipment

Substrate Measurement System

This substrate measurement system (SMS) is a resonator-based system for the characterization of uncoated laminates. It consists of a mechanical setup and a software for processing the results obtained from a network analyzer. The final output is the permittivity and the loss tangent of the sample in the frequency range of 1 to 13 GHz. This SMS also includes a license of LINMIC Interconnect, a 2D electromagnetic tool for the prediction of single and multiple coupled strip data in single and multilayer dielectrics. It computes electrical performance like modal data, per-unit-length data, S-parameters and SPICE netlist of strip structures on the PCB substrate under test for later applications.

AC Microwave GmbH,
Aachen, Germany
+49 241 8793022,

Broadband Signal Analyzer

This Celerity CS35000 series is a broadband signal analyzer (BSA) and recorder family that is designed to capture, analyze and record high speed broadband signals. For design and testing of analog or digital broadband signals or signal environments, the CS35000 series BSA offers a unique single-instrument approach for performing simultaneous measurements of frequency, time and multiple demodulation parameters. The series encompasses the test capabilities of a spectrum analyzer, deep memory logic analyzer, oscilloscope and signal analyzer — all in one instrument. All signals are displayed in one convenient window where the user can monitor up to 12 displays at one, all updating in real time. Additional features include: analyze communications and radar signals with instantaneous bandwidths up to 600 MHz and hop rates to 500,000 hops per second, captures up to 10 seconds of full bandwidth signals for detailed review, analysis and storage. Price range: $65,000 to $350,000.

Aeroflex Inc.,
Plainview, NY (516) 694-6700,

Module Test System

The Seven.Five™ navigator is a dual calling-module system with inertial navigation built in providing accurate in-building wireless test. The Seven.Five navigator is lightweight, portable and battery powered, making it perfectly suited for evaluating network performance in-building or where pedestrian use is predominant. The navigator provides a level of QoS measurement in any location where cellular and Internet access is important, even if GPS positioning cannot be used. The navigation system uses a combination of silicon gyroscopes and accelerometers to measure the operator’s stride, which determines the velocity vector. The axial rotation is also measured to determine the directional vector. The system automatically plots all cellular parameters with no need for operator intervention to identify his/her location. Price: $20,000. Delivery: six to eight weeks.

Comarco Wireless Technologies Inc., Irvine, CA
(949) 599-7400,

RF Test Fixture

The model TS7110 is a shielded RF test fixture that is intended to simplify complicated test sequences when testing wireless modules or instruments with radio interfaces. This model is elevated in its design and mechanical expansions, which make it possible to integrate additional cameras or other sensors. This allows display tests to be possible in addition to RF, electrical and mechanical tests. The entire test spectrum for wireless instruments and modules, including functional check, can thus be concentrated in a single test fixture, drastically reducing the amount of work required for adapting the DUTs.

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG, München, Germany
+49 89 4129-13779,