Sonnet Software announces the release of the Sonnet Suites Version 13.56, now available for download. This new Sonnet release includes a new seamless interface to the ADS 2011 Suite from Agilent® EEsof EDA.

Now, ADS 2011 users have the ability to call Sonnet’s high-accuracy 3D planar high frequency electromagnetic (EM) simulation engine for streamlined EM model extraction using ADS 2011 layout, drawing layer mapping and process stackup information. The Sonnet interface for ADS 2011 is installed as a Design Kit, and may be automatically included in ADS 2011 Workspaces. Working entirely within the ADS 2011 environment, the Sonnet EM extraction process creates a new model Cell with layout, schematic and layout look-alike symbol views.  

The Sonnet Interface for ADS 2011 makes repeated model extraction for RFIC and MMIC technologies simple and error-free. Substrate, conductor and via definitions can be created within the Sonnet interface, imported from existing Agilent EM substrate or process definitions, or imported from Agilent Technology (*.tch, *.slm) files. Interface States may be saved for rapid recall and quick configuration of subsequent Sonnet EM extractions within the same process technology. These States give the designer a quick shortcut to load materials and map conductors and vias, set analysis controls, and automatically leverage time-saving features such as micro via array simplification and Sonnet’s patented conformal meshing technology. All interface settings can be preconfigured by the EDA tool manager for design group deployment.

Sonnet Version 13.56 also provides improvements to its integration product for the Cadence Virtuoso® IC design platform (cvbridge). Cadence users can now import existing process design kit (PDK) information supplied by RFIC and MMIC foundries in the form of Assura process files, Agilent technology files, or Helic technology files in order to drive EM model extraction by Sonnet.  

“Sonnet’s Version 13.56 demonstrates our continued commitment to providing RFIC and MMIC designers with accurate component modeling and efficient layout-driven EM extraction—without breaking their design flow,” states Shawn Carpenter, VP Marketing. “With Sonnet, you have one solver capable of accurate model extraction from KHz through THz frequencies. RF designers can now reach for this powerful and accurate EM model extraction seamlessly through our automated interfaces within Cadence Virtuoso, Agilent ADS 2011 and AWR Microwave Office—without ever having to open our own project editor.”