RichardsonRFPD Abstract.
A new family of ultra-reliable mixers, developed by Mini-Circuits, combines low-temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC) circuitry and specially selected semiconductor dice in a hermetically sealed case —at 1/10th the price of comparable products on the market. Fully automated, tightly‐controlled, and highly repeatable processes ensure excellent performance at temperatures up to 125°C, with small quantity prices as low as $5.95 each.

A well-established fact of life in the electronics industry is that manufacturers have no control over where, and how, customers choose to deploy their products. For example, take a high-performance instrument that works perfectly in an air‐conditioned, high-altitude, Arizona testing lab, and ship it to an oil refinery on the US Gulf Coast. On the one hand, a relative humidity of 90% means ESD is less of a worry. But on the other hand, the entire assembly is soaking wet, relatively speaking. What to do? Plug it in and put it to work!

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