Infineon Technologies has announced successful tape-out of a dual-band ultra-wideband RF transceiver core. Based on the company’s proven low power CMOS process, this breakthrough paves the way toward fully integrated high speed communications system-on-chip solutions optimized for mobile devices. Thus, the company plans to have a single-chip CMOS UWB device, including MAC, PHY and RF transceiver, based on WiMedia UWB specifications ready by mid-2007.

The dual-band UWB RF CMOS transceiver core supports both the 3 to 5 GHz frequency band and the above 6 GHz band up to 9 GHz, as defined in the WiMedia band plan. It is ideally suited for both Certified Wireless USB and Bluetooth over WiMedia ultra-wideband systems. Fabricated using the company’s proven 90 nm CMOS process, the UWB transceiver makes for compact, low power designs that are suitable for mobile handset applications. Since it supports both the high and low frequency bands of the WiMedia band plan, the transceiver supports all regulatory requirements worldwide.

Thomas Pollakowski, vice president and general manager of Infineon’s Connectivity Business Unit commented, “We see a strong demand in the industry for UWB solutions working in the above 6 GHz frequency range, as this will enable real-life multimedia applications which can operate worldwide. Our RF CMOS transceiver implementation is a major step toward a single-chip UWB solution, and will enable our customers to develop cost-effective, low power platforms meeting market needs.”