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Ka-Band Amplifier

MITEQ Inc. introduces a new addition, Model AMF-3F-20002600-68-20P-GC, to its family of rugged, single bias coaxial amplifiers. This amplifier has over 23 dB of gain from 20 to 26 GHz, in an 1” long housing. Application of +5V on the gain control pin decreases gain by 10 dB while maintaining flatness, which is a maximum of ±1.5 dB.

This amplifier has a maximum noise figure of 6.8 dB in the full band. It operates from -40 to +75°C of base temperature, has a P1dB of minimum of 20 dBm and a 500 output. Composite metal body with a CuW base provides excellent thermal characteristics while hermetic sealing is optional if required.

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