In its recent trend to design Remote Radio Head (RRH) in a cost effective way with even better performance, RFHIC offers the GaN Technology RRH pallet. It’s LTE satisfies engineers’ concerns to go towards Green.

These RRH pallet amplifiers will assist the design engineers to improve the efficiency of the system and environmental concerns. Much of the gain, bandwidth, current draw, and voltage are adjustable for the best way to meet the customers’ applications. Furthermore, it is also possible to adjust efficiency from 35-45% depending on DPD and PAR.

RFHIC's RFP, RFM, and RTP series are the GaN and LDMOS amplifiers designed to meet our customers' needs in telecommunication. These power amplifier modules are suitable for base stations and cell extenders, and their operating frequency range is from 800 MHz to 2.7 GHz. We have numerous products that can support your specific needs such as a high gain up to 55dB. Furthermore, these amplifiers have an unsurpassed advantage in efficiency over any other technology based amplifiers. These are perfect for LTE, CDMA, WCDMA, and WiMAX applications.