Test and Measurement Channel

50BA- Attenuators series

The 50BA- series from JFW Industries is an all-new line of variable attenuator systems. These plug-and-play modules come complete with Ethernet / RS-232 interfaces as well as manual control (via Momentary Lever Actuator Switches with 7-segment digital display). Designed to be easy to use, compact, and affordable; the 50BAs are available with one or two channels of attenuation (0-63dB or 0-95 dB in 1dB steps) and operate from .2-6 GHz. Custom designs are also available.

For more information you can call 317-887-1340, email sales at sales@jfwindustries.com, or visit the company’s website through the following link: http://www.jfwindustries.com/pages/JFW_newatjfw.html?source=50BA_Series.

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