SAN JOSE, CA—March 10, 2010—Endwave Corporation (NASDAQ: ENWV), a leading provider of high-frequency RF devices and integrated subsystems, has announced the release of an extensive product line of microwave and millimeter wave integrated circuits for use in microwave radios and other high frequency systems. The newest 2010 additions to the product line consist of a wide variety of circuit types including voltage controlled oscillators, amplifiers, attenuators, mixers, and up and down converters.

Endwave’s array of over 20 released VCOs have industry pacing phase noise performance as low as -117 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset, as well as some of the best frequency pushing data found at just 5 MHz/V at any tuning voltage. The highly reliable VCOs endure extensive qualification testing on over 100 devices, making them attractive for multiple industries and applications. Endwave’s VCOs are available as either a raw die or packaged device, and provide for a true pin for pin compatible, low cost, second source alternative to other industry offerings.

Endwave’s medium power amplifiers are differentiated through optimization of linearity versus DC power consumption. The broadband devices boast as much as +29 dBm output IP3 with only 0.5 W of DC power consumed through frequencies as high as 41 GHz.

Endwave’s attenuators (patent pending) are the highest performing commercially available parts in the industry based on measurements from DC through 105 GHz as bare die, and are ideally suited for multiple applications. Packaged versions are also available which are as small as 2x2 mm, and have been reported by customers to work through 40 GHz.

Endwave’s MLMSTM subharmonically pumped mixers provide a very attractive solution at Eband, allowing TX and RX LO chains to be architected with lower frequency (sub-40GHz) components. These state of the art performing devices enable lower costs, lower DC consumption, and low conversion loss. MLMSTM bandpass filters, lange couplers, and power detectors complete a passive offering that is not otherwise available in the industry, while providing repeatable performance not obtainable through wet or dry etching techniques normally employed with ceramic technologies.

Finally, Endwave’s highly integrated and broadband upconverters and downconverters to be available in June will provide some of the highest integration levels available in the industry, including frequency multipliers, buffer amplifiers, mixers, variable gain amplification and onboard envelope detectors.

For more information and to download datasheets on these products, visit our website by clicking the link below our logo on this page.