NPR113_photo_mr_100MITEQ introduces a family of broadband amplifiers that cover 4-8 GHz with minimum 36 dB gain, typical 34 dBm P1dB, 40 dBm output IP3, and a very low noise figure.

The AMF-4B-04000800-50-33P is a balanced amplifier with excellent gain flatness to within ±1 dB typical over the full band. This unit has a maximum noise figure of 5 dB and draws nominally 1650 mA from a single +15V supply. Small coaxial housing comes with field-removable cooling fins on top and a mounting plate at the bottom and is 3” long altogether.

The AMF-4B-04000800-23-33P has the same electrical specifications but has a noise figure of typically 2 dB or less over the whole octave bandwidth from 4-8 GHz. Port VSWRs are less than 2:1. Operating temperature range of the amplifier is -30 to +55°C at the base plate and it has internal regulation, thermal protection and temperature compensation.

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