iFilterSoftwareAWR iFilter™ Software Streamlines Synthesis of Lumped-Element and Distributed Filters

AWR Corporation, the innovation leader in high-frequency electronic design automation (EDA), announced its new iFilter technology, which was developed specifically for synthesis of lumped-element and distributed filters. iFilter's intuitive user interface enables users to quickly and easily design filters, connect them directly to circuitry, and make optimization trade-offs that positively impact their designs. It operates seamlessly within AWR’s Microwave Office® high-frequency design software, allowing filter designs and their evolution to be part of the entire circuit design project.

iFilter’s physical layouts are automatically generated for distributed filters, while lumped-element filters can be realized using an extensive library of manufacturers’ components (inductors, capacitors, etc). Designers can view representations of the filter before it is exported to Microwave Office software. Switching from an annotated schematic view to a physical view or netlists with parametric information provides insight into the filter’s impedances and resonances.

iFilter software also provides feedback on higher-order modes and line widths for common characteristic impedances, and warns the user if the desired characteristics of the filter are beyond the capabilities of a specific topology. iFilter also performs accurate synthesis through electromagnetic verification with AWR’s AXIEM™ 3D planar EM simulator, which is especially important when designing distributed filters.

To learn more, view the online video on AWR.TV™.

iFilter is an optional module for Microwave Office software and is available for either lumped-element filter only or for distributed and lumped-element filter synthesis with the 2010 release of AWR Design Environment™.