RFHIC introduces GaAs p-HEMT LNA for S-band Applications. Alumina ceramic substrate based GaAs p-HEMT LNA.

RFHIC, a manufacturer of gallium nitride and gallium arsenide active RF Microwave components and hybrid modules, announces the release of ceramic substrate based GaAs p-HEMT Hybrid LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) that can be well suited to S-band applications.

2.3-3.1GHz: CL2701-L & CL2702-L
3.1-3.6GHz: CL3501-L & CL3502-L

These Low Noise Amplifiers are built with GaAs p-HEMT die attached on a ceramic thick film substrate. Alumina, the most commonly used type of ceramic, is what RHIC has chosen due to its relatively high thermal conductivity. These Low Noise Amplifiers are focused on giving the lowest noise possible; exhibiting low noise performance of better than 1 dB noise figure. The devices work at input levels as high as 20 dBm thanks to the initial gate length of 1200 µm design.

Limiter diode inclusive version will work even at 30 dBm input levels.